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Carrie LP 2271
Rev. Amos Jones Jr. and the Westwood Baptist Church Choir - I Know The Man
Released: 1969/70 (?)

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Title Year recorded Single release  
Lord Hear My Prayer 197?  
I Know The Man 197?  
Today 197?  
To Be At Peace With God 197?  
I Hear Voices 197?  
You're Gonna Reap 197?  
Jesus Will Bless You 197?  
Carry On 197? Carrie 393
God Maketh No Mistake 197? Carrie 393  
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder 197?  
They Just Kept On Singing 197?  

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* Rev. Amos Jones Jr. pastored the Westwood Baptist Church from 1969 to 1986.