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Checker LP 10006
KYOK Koral-Aires: Songs Of The Kyok Koral-Aires
Released: 1962

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Title Year recorded  
I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord 1962   
Since He Lightened My Heavy Load  1962    
Throw Out The Lifeline  1962    
Get Away Jordan  1962    
I Want To Be Ready  1962    
Steal Away   1962   
I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me  1962   
Soon Ah Will Be Done With The Troubles Of The World  1962   
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism 1962  
Over In Zion 1962    
I Shall Not Be Moved 1962    

* This is a choir of c. 35 members
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.