R E C O R D · C O N N E X I O N


Checker LP 10017
Violinaires: The Fantastic Violinaires
Released: 1966

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Title Year recorded Single releases   
Old Time Religion 1966 Checker 5013   
Children Are You Ready 1966 Checker 5021    
I'm Going Home 1966  
Nobody Knows 1966  
Lift Him Up 1966  
My Mother Used To Hold Me 1966 Checker 5013  
I'll Never Stop Loving God 1966 Checker 5021  
Meet Me Over Yonder 1966  
Precious Memories 1966   
If We Never Meet Again 1966   
I'm Satisfied 1966  
My God Called Me This Morning 1966  

* Click on Checker 5021 ("I'll Never Stop Loving God") to see a label scan.
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.


Original issue with the light blue labels and seven checkers on top.