R E C O R D · C O N N E X I O N


Checker LP 10032
Rev. "Singing" Sammy Lewis: What Can I Do
Released: 1967

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Title Year recorded Single release
What Can I Do 1966  Checker 5036  
Power Of The Holy Ghost 1966   Checker 5036  
Troubles Of The World 1966   St. Lawrence 704  
Jesus The Waymaker 1966   Checker 5060 
We Need More Love 1966   Checker 5051 
Have You Any Time For Jesus 1966   
Somebody Bigger Than You And I 1966  Checker 5051
Only What You Do For Christ Will Last 1966  Checker 5060 
The Man Beyond The Clouds 1966  
Hold Out 1966   St. Lawrence 704 

* "Troubles Of The World" as "Trouble In The World" on St. Lawrence 704.