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Gospel LP 3001
Caravans & Staple Singers: A Gospel Program
Released: 1958/59

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Artist Title Year recorded Single release
Staple Singers Sit Down 1953 United 165  
Staple Singers Tell Heaven 1953  
Staple Singers Revive Us Again 1953  
Staple Singers It's Gonna Rain 1953 United 165 
Staple Singers I Just Can't Keep It To Myself 1953    
Caravans Tell Him What You Want 1954 States 154
Caravans What Kind Of Man Is This 1954 States 146
Caravans King Jesus 1954 States 146 
Caravans New Born Soul 1954  
Caravans Wait For Me 1954 States 154
Caravans Crucifixion 1954  

* Click on States 146 to see label scans.
* Sessions recorded on September 7, 1953 (Staple Singers) and October 5, 1954 (Caravans) in Chicago, IL.
* The Staples' "Sit Down" is titled "Won't You Sit Down" on the original United release.
* The Staples' "It's Gonna Rain" is titled "It Rained Children" on the original United release.
* The Caravans' "King Jesus" is titled "The Man Jesus" on the original States release.
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.