R E C O R D · C O N N E X I O N


Gospel LP 3002
Selah Singers: His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Released: 1958/59

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Title Year recorded Single release
His Eye Is On The Sparrow 1958 Truth 501  
Down At The Cross 1958 Truth 501  
Trouble In The Land 1958 Gospel 1002, Truth 502 
Jesus Loves Me 1958 Gospel 1002, Truth 502  
Music In The Air 1958 Gospel 1001  
Today 1958 Gospel 1018  
Old Rugged Cross 1958 Gospel 1001
Here Is One 1958 Gospel 1018
Pass Me Not 1958  
Softly And Tenderly 1958  

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* Truth was owned and run by Therman Ruth (T. Ruth -> Truth).
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