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Gospel LP 3007
Caravans: Blessed Assurance
Released: 1959/60

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Title Year recorded Single release
Jesus Will Fix It 1959  
Come On Jesus 1955 States 161  
Crucifiction 1955 States 161 
Get Away Jordan 1952 States 109  
He'll Be There 1952 States 109 
God Said So 1959  
My All To The Lord 1959  
God Is Good To Me 1952 States 116
What Do You Need 1952  
My Lord Will Make A Way 1952 States 128 
Blessed Assurance 1952 States 116

* This LP features early to mid 50's States recordings and three recordings made for Gospel in 1959.
* Click on States 161 to see label scans.
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.

It's possible that this is a second issue LP and that originals have green, deep groove labels.