R E C O R D · C O N N E X I O N


Gospel Recording Co. LP 1384
Victory Chorale Ensemble: More Love To Thee
Released: 1967

Title Year recorded Single release 
I Feel The Spirit 1967  
More Love To Thee 1967  
I Love The Lord 1967 Gospel Recording Co. 597
He Brought Me Out 1967  
Jesus Will Bring Things Out 1967   
You Can't Hurry God 1967  
The Lord's Prayer 1967   
He Knows Just How Much 1967   

* Recording date for this release probably is: June 3, 1967.
* "Jesus Will Bring Things Out" as "Jesus Will Bring Things All Right" on the label.
* "He Knows Just How Much" as "He Knows How Much" on the label.


(source picture: internet)