R E C O R D · C O N N E X I O N


Gospel Recording Co. LP 14002
Kitty Parham and the
West District Choir
Released: c. 1969-70

Title Year recorded  
What I Am Today 1969-70   
In These Last Days 1969-70  
The Day Christ Comes 1969-70  
Trust In God 1969-70  
Anything Like Sin 1969-70  
Serve God Like You Used To 1969-70  
Lord Help Me Stand 1969-70  
Stand Up For Right 1969-70  
God's Love Is Great 1969-70  
Lead Me, Lord 1969-70  
Let Me Live For Thee 1969-70  
I Know I've Been Changed 1969-70  

(source images and details: internet/Carolina Soul)