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Hosanna LP 1530
Eminent Twilight Singers: When My Name Is Called Up Yonder
Released: prob. early 1970's

Title Year recorded  
When My Name Is Called Up Yonder 1970-72?   
Let The Love Light Shine 1970-72?  
That's A Blessing 1970-72?    
At The End of My Journey 1970-72?    
I Need Him Now 1970-72?  
Keep Holding On 1970-72?   
I Know Jesus 1970-72?   
Closer To Jesus 1970-72?   
He Filled Me With The Holy Ghost 1970-72?  
Serving In The Spirit 1970-72?    

* As the 'Twilight Singers' on the cover and as the 'Eminent Spiritual Twilights' on the labels.



Wil Brooks