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Nashboro LP 7036
Morning Echoes Of Detroit: Echoes Of The Gospel
Released: 1967

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Title Year recorded Single release 
Jesus Showed Us The Way 1965-67   
The Lord Will Make A Way 1965-67   
In The Garden Of Eden 1965-67   
Spare Me Over Another Year 1965-67   
Fire One Day 1965-67   
The Lord Will Provide 1965-67  Nashboro 847  
I'll See You Home Again 1965-67   
Misunderstanding Of A Friend 1965-67   
Servants Prayer 1965-67   
People Turning Away From God 1965-67   
I've Got Jesus 1965-67  Nashboro 866  
God's A Wonderful Lawyer 1965-67  Nashboro 886  

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