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Peacock LP 103
Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio: Just Faith
Released: 1960

Title Year recorded Single release
Just Faith 1957  Peacock 1777
Sit Down Children 1957 Peacock 1777
How Much Longer (Will My Journey Be) 1957 Peacock 1781 
He Heard Me Cry 1959   Peacock 1801 
Joy, Joy, Joy 1959   Peacock 1812 
Wonderful Jesus 1957-59   
I Didn't Know 1957-59  
Oh My Way to Glory 1957-59  
I'll Fly Away 1957-59  
My Work Was Not in Vain 1957-59    
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again 1957-59    
Trouble No More

* Click on the single releases (except #1812) to see label scans.
* "How Much Longer (Will My Journey Be)" as "How Much Longer (Must My Journey Be)" on the single release.


(source front cover: internet, label: Per Notini)