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Peacock LP 115
Dixie Hummingbirds: Prayer For Peace
Released: 1964

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Title Year recorded Single release  
Our Prayer For Peace 1964 Peacock 3012
Will The Lord Be With Me 1954 Peacock 1736
Time Ain't Long 1964  
Have A Little Talk With Jesus 1962 Peacock 1844
Let's Go Out To The Programs (#1) 1953 Peacock 1722
If You Travel This Road 1964  
Come Ye Disconsolate 1964 Peacock 3012
Another Day 1963 Peacock 1889
Have Faith 1964  
I'll Keep On Living After I Die 1953 Peacock 1722
Little Wooden Church 1964  
My Life Will Be Sweeter 1964  

* Click on single issues to see label scans (except #3012).
* LP is titled "Our Prayer For Peace" on the labels. Also on the labels, this group is called the Dixie Hummingbirds Of Philadelphia.


Later (probably second) pressing