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Peacock LP 146
Chariot Gospel Singers: Tell Him
Released: 1967

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Title Year recorded Single release  
Tell Him 1967  Peacock 3121 
Wadin' 1967   
In Zion 1967   
Battlefield 1967  Peacock 3062
My Life 1967   
Thank Him 1967  Peacock 3121 
Mother's Prayer 1967  Peacock 3103 
Yes  1967   Peacock 3103
He'll Understand 1967  Peacock 3062 
Movin' 1967    

* Click on the single releases to see label scans.
* "Thank Him" is titled "Thank You" on the single release, "Mother's Prayer" as "Living On Mother's Prayer".
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.