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Savoy LP 14021
Gay Sisters: God Will Take Care Of You
Released: 1958

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Title Year recorded Single releases    
God Will Take Care Of You 1951 Savoy 4025   
I'm Gonna Walk Out In Jesus' Name 1951  Savoy 4025  
I'm A Soldier 1951 Savoy 4027  
Oh Lord Somebody Touched Me 1951 Savoy 4037  
Only Believe 1951 Savoy 4043   
God Is On Our Side 1951 Savoy 4027 
We're Gonna Have A Time 1951 Savoy 4031 
God Shall Wipe All Tears Away 1951 Savoy 4031 
He Knows How Much We Can Bear 1951 Savoy 4037 
It's Real 1951 Savoy 4043 
The Little Church On The Hill 1951 Savoy 4046 

* Click on a single release to see a label scan. Note the differences in some of the titles.
* All songs from the Savoy sessions are collected on this LP, except "That's What I Like About Jesus" (4046-B).
* This album is available on CD-r, see the CD-r's page.