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Vee-Jay LP 5005
Highway QC's
Released: 1959

Title Year recorded Single releases
Somewhere To Lay My Head 1955 Vee-Jay 150 
Working On The Building 1959 Vee-Jay 873 
Behold Thy Mother 1959 Vee-Jay 883 
I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This 1956  Vee-Jay 195 
I'll Trust His Word 1956 Vee-Jay 844 
Pray 1955 Vee-Jay 150 
Child Of God 1959  Vee-Jay 883 
The Way Up The Hill 1957 Vee-Jay 853 
Something On My Mind 1957 Vee-Jay 853 
He Lifted My Burdens 1956 Vee-Jay 195 
Count Your Blessings 1959  
Every Man, Woman, And Child 1955  

* You can click on single issues but #844 to see a label scan.
* "Something On My Mind" as "There's Something On My Mind" on single release, "I Dreamed That Heaven
Was Like This" as "I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This" on single release.

(source picture: internet)