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Clara Walker

- This discography lists all known recordings by Clara Walker, most of them are with the Gospel Redeemers.

- Clara Walker died April 29, 2007.

- To see two video's where Clara Walker performs, click here.

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.


February 25, 1961

SGR6900 I've Got To Kneel Down To Pray Savoy 4167
SGR6901 The Creator unissued
SGR6902 Jesus My Comfort unissued
SGR6903 Stay Within Savoy 4159
SGR6904 I Gave God My Word Savoy 4159
SGR6905 Message From Heaven Savoy 4167

* Savoy 45's released as by "The Gospel Redeemers with Clara Walker".


November 17, 1961

SGR6136 Our Souls He Will Claim Regent LP 6110
SGR6137 The Lord Is The Master Regent 206, Regent LP 6110
SGR6138 I Feel My Help Comin' On Regent LP 6110
SGR6139 Nothing Moves Me Regent LP 6110
SGR6140 My Soul's Salvation Regent 206, Regent LP 6110
SGR6141 You Can't Stop Me Regent LP 6110


April 9, 1962

SGR6348 He Did, Did You Regent LP 6110
SGR6349 What Tomorrow Will Bring Regent LP 6110
SGR6350 Walk With The Savior Regent LP 6110
SGR6351 Wrapped, Tied And Tangled Regent LP 6110
SGR6352 I've Been Changed Regent 214
SGR6353 I'll Be So Glad Regent 214

* Regent LP 6110 is titled "The Lord Is The Master". Click here for pictures.


March 13, 1963

SGR63-081 The Holy Ghost Regent LP 6116
SGR63-082 I Love Your Name Jesus unissued
SGR63-083 Calvary Regent 223, Regent LP 6116
SGR63-084 Oh Lord Regent LP 6116
SGR63-085 I've Been Saved Regent 223, Regent LP 6116
SGR63-086 One More Day unissued


September 10, 1963

SGR63-252 The Rainbow Unissued
SGR63-253 I Found Someone Regent LP 6116
SGR63-254 Door Keeper Regent LP 6116
SGR63-255 Judgement Day Regent LP 6116
SGR63-256 One More Day Regent LP 6116
SGR63-257 I'm So Glad Regent LP 6116
SGR63-258 All Of My Burdens Regent LP 6116

* Regent LP 6116 is titled "Judgement Day". For a low quality picture, click here.
* All Regent recordings were released as by the Gospel Redeemers.


c. 1964/65

- I Want To Be Baptized Gospel Recording Co. 409
- God Means So Much To Me Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Be Thankful To The Lord Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Be Not Dismayed Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Blessed Are They Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Take Me Thru Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Take Me To The Water Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380
- Everything Gospel Recording Co. 409, LP 1380
- I Must Tell Jesus Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380

* For pictures of LP 1380, click here. LP is titled "Take Me To The Water".
* Released as by Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers.


c. 1966/67

- All To Jesus Clar-Walk Music 571
- Has Your Light Gone Out Clar-Walk Music 571
- Don't Give Up Clar-Walk Music 572
- John Saw A Mighty Number Clar-Walk Music 572


c. 1966/67

R-580-A The Goodness Of Jesus, Pt. 1 Soul Music Co. 580
R-580-B The Goodness Of Jesus, Pt. 2 Soul Music Co. 580
R-590-A Say It Loud Soul Music Co. 590
R-590-B Open Up Your Heart Soul Music Co. 590

* #590 released as by Clara Walker & the Gospel Redeemers.


c. 1968

SM-602-A We Need More Love Soul Music Co. 602
SM-602-B Summer Has Ended Soul Music Co. 602

* Released as by Clara Walker.


Early 1970's (?)

- Send It On Down Soul Music LP 118
- Guide Me Oh Thy Great Jehova Soul Music LP 118
- The Goodness Of Jesus Soul Music LP 118
- Witness Of The Spirit Soul Music LP 118
- Jesus Love Me Soul Music LP 118
- I'm So Grateful Soul Music LP 118
- The Highest Mountain Soul Music LP 118
- The Lord Is My Shepherd Soul Music LP 118
- Open Up Your Heart Soul Music LP 118
- There Is Nobody Like The Lord Soul Music LP 118

*  This LP was released as by The Dynamic Youth Ensemble Of The First Baptist Church, Far Rockaway, NY. Clara Walker is (probably) the guest lead singer on all tracks but "Guide Me Oh Thy Great Jehova". "I'm So Grateful" is a duet with a male singer.
* Click here for pictures of the album and label.
* Soul Music and Soul Music Co. were the same labels, located on the same address in the Bronx, NY.
* Both the Clar-Walk and the Soul Music labels were run by Clara Walker.



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