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Reverend Crum

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- Information on the personnel is very minimal, although little is known for the recordings by Rev. Crum. See "The Gospel Discography" by Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton for more details.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.


June 1955

A1587 John Was A Witness unissued
A1588 He'll Fix It For You Atlantic 3009
A1589 Jesus Made It Right unissued
A1590 I Ain't No Stranger Now unissued
A1591 Sun Did Shine On Calvary Mountain unissued
A1592 What Manner Of Man This Is unissued
A1593 So Glad I'm Here (In Jesus Name) Atlantic 3009

* Atlantic 3009 released as by Rev. H.B. Crum and The Golden Keys.


New York City, NY, January 28, 1959

GRC70487 I Wanna Be Ready Gospel 1031
GRC70488 Don't You Know Me Thomas Gospel 1019
GRC70489 So Much To Thank My Jesus For Gospel 1031
GRC70490 Hold My Hand World Wide 5008
GRC70491 Mother Love Gospel 1019
GRC70492 All Over Me World Wide 5008

* Gospel 1019 released as by Reverend Crum and The Mighty Golden Keys.
* Gospel 1031 and World Wide 5008 released as by Reverend Crum and His Mighty Golden Keys.


April 30, 1960

SGK9972 I Have Problems Sharp LP 2010
SGK9973 If It Wasn't For The Lord Sharp LP 2010
SGK9974 Duty Of A Christian Sharp LP 2010
SGK9975 In The End Sharp LP 2010
SGK9976 The God I Serve unissued
SGK9977 Jesus Is Waiting unissued
SGK9978 Cannot Reach My Soul unissued


November 13, 1961

SGK6107 I Can Feel Him Regent 207, Sharp LP 2010
SGK6108 The Bible's Right Regent 207, Sharp LP 2010
SGK6109 Fighting For Jesus Sharp LP 2010
SGK6110 Jesus Can Forgive, So Can I Sharp LP 2010
SGK6111 The God I Serve Sharp LP 2010
SGK6112 I Am The Way Sharp LP 2010

* Sharp 2010 released as by Rev. H.B. Crum with The Golden Keys (no title, 1962). For pictures, click here.
* Regent 207 released as by Rev. H.B. Crum and His Golden Keys.




Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)