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The following songs are available for download. Click on them to open a special page that plays the song automatically (if your browser supports this) and shows a download link. The file has been saved in a zip format, you need to unzip it yourself.


R and B 1312 - Brother Henderson's Spiritual Lambs: I Made Up My Mind & Pass Me Not
Avant 001 - Gospelaires: We Are Marching Together & Some People Never Stop To Pray
Rush 2719 - Lucy Rogers Singers: He's Been Good
Rae Cox 100 - Satellite Wanderers: Meet Me In Zion
Regent 217 - Bullock Brothers: May The Lord Be With You
Peacock 1802 - Ever-Ready Gospel Singers: All My Sins
Champ 845 - Joe L. Carter: In The Morning
Nashboro 697 - Edna Gallmon Cooke: Walking On The Right Road
Track from Regent LP 6112 - Royal Silvertones: Wait On The Lord
Columbia 21139 - Sister O.M. Terrell: God's Little Birds
Avant 081 - Famous Swindell Singers: If I Don't Have A Friend
Em-Jay 105 - Abraham Brothers (both sides)
Elko 828 and Currytone 1001 - George Curry
Bounty 5592 - Friendly Brothers: Jobe
Hi-Hat 144 - Joiner Five Trumpets: Meet Me In Galilee
Sullivan 302 - Golden Stars Quintet: Let's Have A Family Prayer
Chimes 100 - Chiming Bells: I've Tried The Man
Arctic 132 - Mary De Loach: Move This Thing
Message 1235 - Sensational Saints Of Ohio: Ain't That A Shame
Ram 77530 - Sybil Johnson Singers (both sides)
Corde' 1213/1214 - Mighty Southland Singers: Remember Me Jesus
Three tracks by the (Famous) Ward Singers
X-Tone 365 - Morning Echoes: I'm Singing Lord
Executive 13475 - Gospel Ambassadors: Sit Down Servant
Scatt 1613/1614 - Pilgrim Harmonaires (both sides)
Hosanna 1528 - Relatives: Don't Let Me Fall
Track from B&H LP 10002 - Ruby Hooks: The Devil Can Do Me No Harm
Souls Stirring (not numbered) - Claudelle Clarke: Praise The Lord
No label LP 149 - Mighty Calvary Singers (3 tracks)
Gotham 776 - Violinaires: Sign Of The Judgement
Vee-Jay 220 - Kelly Brothers: God Said He Was Coming
Choice 16 - Airs Of Harmony: God Walked With Moses
Staff 254 - Rev. Roger L. Worthy & His Sister Bonnie Woodfork: Get Back Satan
Big T 2033 - Tottress Bros. Quartet: Do Lord
Track from Peacock LP 167 - Bells Of Zion: If You Don't Want To Go
Track from Creed LP 3043 - Swan Silvertones: What's The Matter Now
Halo 16 - Rev. Lofton & the Holy Travelers: Look To Jesus
Sister Syl 23001 - Rosie Agnew: I Shall Wear A Golden Crown
Vee-Jay 943 - Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates: Almighty God
Checker 5004 - Larry Blivens, Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates: Highway
Gospel 1037 - Voices Of Jordan: Go Tell Him What You Want
Gospel Recording Co. 517 - Six Gospel Stars: I Prayed All Night Long
Chess 1590 - Rev. Ballinger: This Train
Woodrich 1254 - Sensational Jubiletts: This Is My Prayer
Track from Checker LP 10024 - Stevie Hawkins: Same Old Bag
Aircap 5085 - Henry Hines and the Revelations: Soul Don't Worry
Nashboro 721 - The Supreme Angels: Rest From My Labor
Gospel Corner 119 - Rev. Thomas Housley: God Is A Wonder
Bandera 1319 - Norfleet Brothers: Standing On The Highway
Nashboro 557 - The Golden Trumpets: Just Like Jesus Did
Track from Checker LP 10045 - Violinaires: When I Come
Prisoners singing "In The Garden"
Checker 785 - Rev. Utah Smith: Two Wings
Gospel 1019 - Rev. Crum & Mighty Golden Keys: Don't You Know Me Thomas
Message 1234 - Sensational Jubilettes: Jordan River
Music Maker 110 - Morning Star Gospel Singers - Come On Let's Go
Nashboro 606 - Trumpeteers: Seven Angels
Bilesse 0004 - Essie Moss: He'll Say Well Done
Peacock 1792 - Brooklyn All Star Singers - Meet Me In Galilee
Simpson 241 - The Crusaders Of Cleveland, OH.: Now My Lord
Specialty 809 - Detroiters - Let Jesus Lead You
Zenith 505 - Rev. H. Sharp & Singing Crusaders: God Specializing