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The galleries show various labels of 45rpm & 78rpm records and covers of 78rpm albums, EP's and LP's.


Gallery 1; see bless-this-soul.com
Various 78rpm labels
Gallery 2; see bless-this-soul.com
Various 45rpm labels (1)
Gallery 3; see bless-this-soul.com
Various 45rpm labels (2)
Gallery 4
Various colored wax seven inchers
Gallery 5
Various pre war 78rpm labels
Gallery 6
European 78rpm releases
Gallery 7
European EP releases
Gallery 8
European LP releases
Gallery 9
Sister Rosetta Tharpe 78rpm album (Decca)
Gallery 10
Sister Rosetta Tharpe's wedding album 78rpm (Decca)
Gallery 11
Wings Over Jordan 78rpm album (Queen)
Gallery 12
Thrasher Wonders & Two Gospel Keys 78rpm album (Disc)
Gallery 13
Juanita Hall Choir & Congregation 78rpm album (Hit)
Gallery 14
The Georgia Peach 78rpm album (Apollo)
Gallery 15
McNeil Choir 78rpm album (Black & White)
Gallery 16
Southernaires 78rpm album (Tru Tone)
Gallery 17
Deep River Boys 78rpm album (Pilotone)