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The Gay Family

- This discography focuses on the Gay family; Gay Singers, Gay Sisters, Evelyn Gay, Geraldinde Gay, Fannie Gay, Mildred Gay, Donald Gay and the Pilgrim Outlets, featuring Donald Gay.

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- For an article on the Gay Sisters from the Blues Gazette (1996, Louis Opal Nations), click here.

- For a photo of the Gay Sisters, click here.

- Information on the personnel is very minimal. See "Gospel Records" by Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton for more details.

- This discography runs until 1974. I did not include later recordings by members of the Gay Family.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.


Gay Singers

c. May/June 1966

14834 Let Me Alone Checker 5033
14835 It Is Finished Checker unissued
14836 Take Care Checker unissued
14837 I Want To Walk Out Checker unissued
14838 Without A song Checker unissued


c. October/November 1966

15259 He's Calling Me Checker 5033
15260 When I've Done The Best I Can Checker unissued
15261 Let Me Alone Checker unissued
15262 All The Way Checker unissued


Gay Sisters


-- Old Rugged Cross Dolphin's Of Hollywood 150
-- Have A Little Talk Dolphin's Of Hollywood 150


New York City, NY, March 1951

US12667 God Will Take Care Of You Savoy 4025
US12668 I'm Goin' To Walk Out In His Name Savoy 4025
US12669 I'm A Soldier Savoy 4027
US12670 The Little Old Church Savoy 4046


New York City, NY, May 1951

GS6654 It's Real Savoy 4043
GS6655 That's What I Like About Jesus Savoy 4046
GS6656 He Knows How Much We Can Bear Savoy 4037
GS6657 God Shall Wipe All Tears Away Savoy 4031


New York City, NY, July 1951

GS6658 Only Believe Savoy 4043
GS6659 God Is On Our Side Savoy 4027
GS6660 We're Gonna Have A Good Time Savoy 4031
GS6661 Oh Lord, Somebody Touched Me Savoy 4037

* All of the Savoy sides, except "That's What I Like About Jesus", have also been released on Savoy LP 14021, called "God Will
Take Care Of You".



-- If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again Regent LP 6080


New York City, NY, March 1955

87565 Oh Lord Won't You Have Mercy Decca 29939, Decca 48335
87566 Take The Lord Along With You* Decca 29939, Decca 48335

* As by Gay Sisters with Sister Fanny Gay and Preacher Gay



MW 635 Going On With Jesus Faith 208
MW 636 Who So Ever Will Faith 208


Evelyn Gay

Chicago, IL, c. 1955

127 I Shall Not Be Moved (Now Let Me Tell You) P.E.A. 2019
128 Lord My Faith Look Up To Thee P.E.A. 2019


c. 1960

U-1372 On My Way To Heaven B and F 1351
-- Tell It B and F 1351

* As by Evelyn Gay & The Gay Sisters


Chicago, IL?, c. 1964

-- All Around Davis 104
-- Shine On Me Davis 104
BD-110-A Heavenly Home Davis 110
BD-110-B Coming Home Davis 110
-- Saint's Marching* Davis 118
-- The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways* Davis 118

* Recorded as by Evelyn Gay And The Gay Sisters


c. 1965?

MM554 God Promised To Provide Faith 940
MM555 Oh You Don't Know Like I Know Faith 940
-- Jubilee Joy Faith (n.n.)
-- From The Depths Of My Soul Faith (n.n.)

* Faith 940 as by Evelyn Gay & The Pilgrim Outlets, Faith (n.n.) as by Sister Evelyn Gay.



-- A Happy Holiday In Heaven Faith 207
-- Silent Night Faith 207

* Faith 207 as by Sister Evelyn Gay



-- I Must Tell Jesus* Hummingbird 265
-- While I Run This Race* Hummingbird 265
H-5003-A Someday We'll Understand** Hummingbird 286
H-5003-B Lord, I'm Gonna Love You Till I Die** Hummingbird 286

* as by Evelyn Gay & Brother
** as by Evelyn Gaye



1974-1 Friends Gospel Master 205
1974-2 Well Done Gospel Master 205
GM-209-A Amazing Grace, Pt. 1 Gospel Master 209
GM-209-B Amazing Grace, Pt. 1 Gospel Master 209


Geraldine Gay / Mildred Gay

c. mid 1960s

-- Without A Song Faith 209
-- How I Got Over Faith 210

* This is one 45; 209 by Geraldine Gay, 210 by Mildred Gay
* This 45 has also been released as by Missionary Gay / Rev. Gay as well (see below).


Sister Fannie Gay & Gay Singers / Donald "Preacher" Gay

c. 1968

S-2255 A New World In My View Rush 2709
S-2256 I'll Wait Till My Chance Come Rush 2709

* "A New World In My View" by Sister Fannie Gay & Gay Singers, "I'll Wait Till My Chance Come" by Donald "Preacher" Gay.


Missionary Fannie Gay / Rev. Gay

MW 637 The Healing Prayer Faith 209
-- When Faith 209?

* "The Healing Prayer" by Missionary Fannie Gay, "When" by Rev. Gay.
* This 45 has also been relealed as by Geraldine Gay / Mildred Gay as well (see above).


Rev. Donald Gay

Chicago, IL?, c. 1964

BD-109-A My Soul Davis 109
BD-109-B So Glad I Know Davis 109


Pilgrim Outlets


-- He Brought Joy Song Bird 1192
-- Look Around Me Song Bird 1192

* Song Bird 1192 has Donald Gay on lead vocals.






Bob McGrath (The R&B Indies, see links page)
Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)