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Ha-Lo/Halo (1964 - 1968)


01 Salem Travelers
  Help Me To Hold Out b/w I Want To Thank Him (1964)
02 Ida Mae Davis and Salem Travelers
   That's A Mountain b/w Don't Worry About Jesus (1964)
03 Salem Travelers
   Save Me b/w Joy (1964)
04 Salem Travelers
   This Time Another Year b/w The Things I Used To Do (1964)
05 Lucky Cordell
   If Jesus Came To Your House b/w Good Morning Lord (1964)
06 unissued?
07 Gospel Ambassadors
   He Died For Me b/w Send Your Cleansing Power (1965)
08 Original Ensemble
  Mother's Day (Should Be Everyday) b/w He'll Take Care Of You (1965)
09 Lucy Rodgers Singers
  Man In The City (Part 1) b/w Man In The City (Part 2) (1965)
10 Gospel Souls
  The Fire Keeps On Burning In My Heart (Part 1) b/w (Part 2) (1965)
11 Salem Travelers
  The Children Goin' Astray b/w Won't Let Nobody Turn Me Around (1965)
12 Lucky Cordell
  A Great Day b/w Lord Help Me (1966)
13 unissued?
14 Daytonians
   Mercy Lord b/w Movin' Along (1966)
15 Golden Tones
   Why Can't We Love Our Fellowmen b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me (1966)
16 Rev. Lofton & Holy Travelers
   Look To Jesus b/w Lord I Will Never Forget (1966)
17 Salem Travelers
   You Can Depend On Me b/w Give Me A Few More Days (1966)
17 Salem Travelers
   Wade In Water b/w You Can Depend On Me (1966)
18 Gospel Souls
   I've Been Saved b/w Passing Through (1966)
19 Rev. Singing Sammy Lewis
   Amazing Grace (part 1) b/w Amazing Grace (part 2) (1966)
20 Gospel Souls
   You've Been So Good To Me b/w Jesus My Choice (1967)
21 Harris Bros.
   He'll Make A Way b/w Wait On The Lord (1967)
22 Gospel Souls
   I Can Go To God b/w I Know He Still Lives (1967)
23 Salem Travelers
   Serve The Lord b/w Walk With Me Lord (1967)
24 Redemption Harmonizers
   Why Do Men Treat The Lord The Way They Do b/w I Made A Change (1968)
25 Redemption Harmonizers
   Heavy Load b/w Unforgivable (1968)



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