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(1968 - 1971)

- Jas Records was started in New York, 1968 by Deacon Watts (Elder Shumpert Watts Jr.), Rev. James Granger and Al Hayward. This informations comes from the Deacon Watts website. It must be said that other sources list most Jas releases as from 1965-66. For now, no years have been given in the listing until more specific information becomes available.

- The Deacon Watts website can be found here. In the bio it's stated that Jas was started by Deacon Watts (along with Rev. James Granger and Al Hayward) in 1968.

- Except for a few, all Jas 45's seem to have been released with both a 300 and 500 number. I have 500 numbers for all releases so I sorted the listing according to that. Where known, the 300 number is given between brackets.

- Jas 505 has no 300 number on the label, but it is believed to be #305 (?).

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on the song titles to see it.


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