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Kelly Brothers (1954-1969)

- This group recorded secular material as the Kelly Brothers and the King Pins.

- Information on the personnel is very minimal. See "Gospel Records" by Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton for more details.

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.


Chicago, IL, April 1954

C5130 Let Me Fly Chance unissued
C5131 God Laid His Hands On Me Chance unissued


Chicago, IL, 1954-56

U-3199 Prayer For Tomorrow C.H. Brewer (unn.)
U-3200 God Said He Is Coming Back Again C.H. Brewer (unn.)


Chicago, IL, September 1956

56-523 Prayer For Tomorrow Vee-Jay 220
56-524 God Said He Was Coming Vee-Jay 220

* It is not known if the C.H. Brewer and Vee-Jay recordings are the same.


c. September 1957

A Glad I Found The Lord Nashboro 611
B I´ll Be Ready Nashboro 611

* released as by Kelly Bros. Singers.


c. October 1959

A Got A Soul To Save Nashboro 654
B Oh Beulah Land Nashboro 654

* released as by Kelley Brothers.


prob. Chicago, IL, June 1, 1960

F731 He´s The Same Today Federal 12404
F732 Come On Jesus (Give Me A Helping Hand) Federal 12442
F733 I've Been Striving For So Long Federal 12373
F734 When Satan Blocked My Way Federal 12442
F735 He's All Right Federal 12404
F736 Waiting For Jesus Federal 12392
F737 I've Made It Over At Last Federal 12373
F738 Jesus Knows The Reason Why Federal 12392


Cicinnati, OH, February 10, 1962

F1437 I Still Remember Federal 12465
F1438 I'll Be A Witness There Too Federal 12458
F1439 I'll Be Standing At The Station When Jesus Comes Federal 12465
F1440 Jesus Is Gone But He Is Coming Back Again unissued
F1441 (I Was Way Down Yonder And) I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray Federal 12472
F1442 I'm So Glad Today Federal 12458
F1443 Lord Remember Me Federal 12472
F1444 He Will Understand unissued

* 12465 released as by Kelley Brothers.
* All Federal singles, except #12472 were also released on King LP 810, titled: "The Kelly Brothers Sing A Page Of Songs From The Good Book".


c. 1969

-- Striving So Long Creed LP 3015
-- Do You Know Him Creed LP 3015
--  I Still Remember Creed LP 3015
--  Christian Automobile Creed LP 3015
--  I Love Jesus Creed LP 3015
--  The Lord's Prayer Creed LP 3015
--  The Lord Is Blessing Me Creed LP 3015
--  I Believe I Will Run On Creed LP 3015
--  He's The Same Today Creed LP 3015
--  He's Coming Back Again Creed LP 3015

* LP title: "I Still Remember" (1969/70).




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The Red Saunders Research Foundation (see links page)