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Morning Echoes Of Detroit

- This discography lists the early recordings of the Morning Echoes Of Detroit. The 70's and 80's recordings made for Jewel, Nashboro, HSE, BC and Raven have been omitted.

- The Morning Echoes hit the scene in c. the the late 1940's and Premium 877 seems to be their first release, although it needs to be confirmed whether this is indeed the same group.

- The group was led by Willie Ayers, who died on Sept. 17, 2013.

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.




-- Dear Mother Premium 877
-- Something Bigger Than You And I Premium 877



A Heaven Bound Train Fine Art 205
B God Knows The Reason Why Fine Art 205


Fine Art 205 was released as by the Morning Echo Gospel Singers


c. 1959

-- Too Late JSP CD 2304
-- Tree JSP CD 2304


JSP 2304 is a UK compilation CD, titled "Gospel Alive". Both tracks are previously unissued, "Tree" is an incomplete take.


c. 1962-63

NO8W-4905-1 Jesus Showed Us The Way X-Tone 365
NO8W-4906-1 I'm Singing Lord X-Tone 365
R4KM-3805 Biblical History Of Moses X-Tone 365
R4KM-3806 In The Garden of Eden X-Tone 365


Both X-Tone releases have the same number and they were released as by the Morning Echoes.


c. 1965-67

-- Jesus Showed Us The Way Nashboro LP 7036
-- The Lord Will Make A Way Nashboro LP 7036
-- In The Garden Of Eden Nashboro LP 7036
-- Spare Me Over Another Year Nashboro LP 7036
-- Fire One Day Nashboro LP 7036
B The Lord Will Provide Nashboro 847, Nashboro LP 7036
-- I'll See You Home Again Nashboro LP 7036
-- Misunderstanding Of A Friend Nashboro LP 7036
-- Servants Prayer Nashboro LP 7036
-- People Turning Away From God Nashboro LP 7036
A I've Got Jesus Nashboro 866, Nashboro LP 7036
A God's A Wonderful Lawyer Nashboro 886, Nashboro LP 7036
A Not Bread Alone Nashboro 847
B The Last Pass-Over Nashboro 866
B Waitin' And Watchin' Nashboro 886
A I Thank My Jesus Every Day Nashboro 899
B God Has Brought Me Safe This Far Nashboro 899


Nashboro LP 7036 is titled "Echoes Of The Gospel", click here for pictures.


c. 1968

SL2008 How Do You Stand? Choice 7061, Jewel 183
SL2009 House Of Mercy Choice 7061, Jewel 183


Matrix numbers allocated by Jewel. Jewel release is from 1972




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