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Nashboro - Gospel 500 series


500 Silvertone Jubilee Singers
   I Met My Mother This Morning b/w I'm Looking For My Jesus (1951)
501 Zachery's Heavenly Gospelaires
   Blessed Saviour b/w Lord Came To Save Me (1951)
502 Silvertone Jubilee Singers
   Prayer Changes Things b/w Just Can't Help From Cryin' (1951)
503 Skylarks
   Stand By Me b/w Something About My Lord Mighty Sweet (1951)
504 Skylarks
   My Rock b/w Four And Twenty-Four Elders (1951)
505 Skylarks
   Life's Burdens (Pt. 1) b/w Life's Burdens (Pt. 2) (1951)
506 Fireside Gospel Singers
   Gabriel Sound Your Trumpet b/w Tell Jesus I'm Coming Home (1951)
507 secular
508 Skylarks
   Cheer The Weary Traveler b/w The Holy Father (1951)
509 Skylarks
   There Must Be A City b/w This Heart Of Mine (1951)
510 Cross-Road Singers
   Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Comes b/w Where Shall I Be (1951)
511 Cross-Road Singers
   Leave It There b/w Roll The Stone Away (1951)
512 Rev. W.M. Anderson and the Jordan River Singers
   Jesus On The Main Line b/w Won't We Have A Time (When We Get Over Yonder) (1951)
513 Skylarks
   Farther Along b/w I'm Satisfied (1951)
514 Sewanee Quintet
   Jesus On My Mind b/w Walk In The Light (1951)
515 Fireside Gospel Singers
   What Did Jesus Say b/w God Leads His Dear Children Along (1951)
516 secular
517 Jordan River Singers
   I'm A Soldier b/w My Life Is In His Hands (1952)
518 Skylarks
   Jesus Won't Deny Me b/w What A Glorious Day (1952)
519 secular
520 Blair Gospel Singers
   Forgive Me Lord b/w Standing At The Station (1952)
521 Swanee Quintet
   In My Savior's Care b/w That Old Time Religion (1952)
522 Fireside Gospel Singers
   In The Garden b/w Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread (1952)
523 Skylarks
   New Jerusalem b/w What Manner Of Man Is This (1952)
524 Sewanee Quintet
   Come On In This Altar b/w My Lord Is Coming Back (1952)
525 Silvertone Jubilee Singers
   Walk Through The Valley b/w When We Bow In The Evening At The Altar (1953)
526 secular (?)
527 secular
528 Jordan River Singers
   Precious Lord b/w Seek And Ye Shall Find (1953)
529 Flying Cloud Quintet
   I'm Going Through b/w Jezebel (1953)
530 Blair Gospel Singers
   Lord You Know My Mind b/w In This World Today (1953)
531 Skylarks
   Come over here b/w I want to walk with Jesus (1953)
532 Blair Gospel Singers
   I'm Striving Hard Each Day b/w I Want To Be More Like Jesus (1953)
533 Swanee Quintet
   Let Us Stretch Out b/w Wasn't It A Pity (1953)
534 Silvertone Jubilee Singers
   I've Got A Mother Gone On b/w What Are They Doing In Heaven (1953)
535 Skylarks
   Jesus Prayed Every Step Of The Way b/w This May Be The Last Time (1953)
536 Fireside Gospel Singers
   Better Stop And Get Religion b/w When The Roll Is Called (1953)
537 Flying Clouds Of Detroit
   I, John Saw A Mighty Number b/w When Jesus Comes (1953)
538 Swanee Quintet
   Sit Down Servant b/w Well Done (1953)
539 Fireside Gospel Singers
   Get Your Soul Right b/w When They Ring Them Golden Bells (1953)
540 Skylarks
   Heavenly Light Shine On Me b/w I Want To Know Will He Welcome Me There (1953)
541 Swanee Quintet
   Joy In Beulah Land b/w Long As Jesus Lives (1953)
542 Blair Gospel Singers
   Anyhow b/w I've Got Heaven On My Mind (1953)
543 secular (?)
544 Skylarks
   Lord Have Mercy b/w There's No Discharge In God's Army (1953)
545 Skylarks
   Baptism Of Jesus b/w I Stepped In The Water One Day (1954)
546 Swanee Quintet
   Cry Sometime b/w In My Heart (1954)
547 Swanee Quintet
   On My Knees b/w Remember Me (1954)
548 Skylarks
   Call You In The Morning b/w Letter From Jesus (1955)
549 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Nobody But You Lord b/w Somebody Help Me (1955)
550 Jewel Gospel Trio
   Many Little Angels In The Band b/w Take My Hand Precious Lord (1955)
551 Swanee Quintet
   It's Hard To Get Along b/w Judgement (1955)
552 Spiritual Five
   Heavenly Father b/w I've Been Born Again (1955)
553 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Who'll Be A Witness b/w My Joy (1955)
554 Skylarks
   Gonna Wake Up In Glory b/w I Love The Lord (1955)
555 Blair Gospel Singers
   I've Been Moaning So Long b/w Waiting For The Lord (1955)
556 Christland Singers
   Where Could I Go (But To The Lord) b/w Nothing Will Move Me (From The Love Of God) (1955)
557 Golden Trumpets
   Down At The Cross b/w Just Like Jesus Did (1955)
558 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Jesus Never Fails Me b/w I'll Be Alright (1955)
559 Trumpets Of Joy
   Last Mile Of The Way b/w Sweeter Than The Day Before (1955)
560 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Help Me Jesus b/w When The Spirit Of The Lord Comes (1955)
561 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Said I Wouldn't Tell It b/w Hide Me (1955)
562 Swanee Quintet
   I'm Alright Now b/w Low Down Chariot (1955)
563 Geneva White
   Just As I Am With Just One Plea b/w Blessed Assurance (1955)
564 Consolers
   Nobody Knows b/w Give Me My Flowers (1955)
565 Skylarks
   God Is Able b/w He's My All And All (1955)
566 Radio Four
   An Earnest Prayer b/w How Much I Owe (1955)
567 Chosen Gospel Singers
   It's Alright b/w When The Saints Go Marching In (1955)
568 Radio Four
   Sending Up A Prayer (Pt. 1) b/w Sending Up A Prayer (Pt. 2) (1955)
569 Christland Singers
   (I'm Willing To Run) All The Way Lord b/w Sell Out To The Master (1955)
570 Jewel Gospel Singers
   I Looked Down The Line b/w Somebody's Knocking At My Door (1955)
571 Swanee Quintet
   Race To Run b/w My Last Prayer (1956)
572 Rev. Emmett A.L. Lampkin
   Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 1) b/w Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 2) (1956)
573 Chosen Gospel Singers
   This Old Soul Of Mine b/w Hellelujah (1956)
574 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   My Journey Home b/w Hallelujah (1956)
575 Sons Of The South
   Surely It Was God b/w I Know It Was The Blood (1956)
576 Golden Trumpets
   Come And Go With Me b/w Plow Your Row To The End (1956)
577 Radio Four
   My Imagination Of Heaven b/w I Expect To Be Landed (1956)
578 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Where God Leads Me I'll Follow b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me (1956)
579 Spiritual Five
   Everyday Will Be The Same To Me b/w I'll Carry My Burden (1956)
580 Kindly Shepherd Gospel Singers
   The Upper Garden b/w Left In The Hands Of The Lord (1956)
581 Southern Echoes
   Be Ready When He Comes b/w When Jesus Says Come Home (1956)
582 Travelin Echoes
   Looking For A Better Place To Live b/w For God I Live (1956)
583 Skylarks
   Gonna Help The Needy b/w Come In At The Door (1956)
584 Silvertone Singers
   The Sun Will Rise To The East b/w It's A Wonder What My Lord Can Do (1956)
585 Edna Gallmon Cooke with The Singing Sons
   The Lord Blessed My Soul b/w Up To Sweet Heaven (1956)
586 Consolers
   I'm Gonna Use Just What I've Got b/w I Cried To The Lord (1956)
587 Swanee Quintet
   Jesus Won't Fail b/w The Fire Keeps A Burning (1956)
588 Jewel Gospel Trio
   Jesus Is Listening b/w The Gospel Ship (1956)
589 Christland Singers
   Jesus Has A Blessing b/w You Got To Be Born Again (1956)
590 Singing Sons
   God Will Bring Things Out b/w If You Ever Needed The Lord (1956)
591 Lucille Barbee and Morgan Babb and The Israelite Travelers
   Yes Call Him By His Name b/w Straighten 'em Lord (1956)
592 Radio Four
   If You Miss Me From Praying b/w The Christian Race (1956)
593 Chosen Gospel Singers
   Troubles Of This World b/w Do Thy Will (1957)
594 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Will I Be Remebered b/w Inside The Beautiful Gate (1957)
595 Consolers
   I Remember The Bridge b/w Let Jesus Come In (1957)
596 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   God Will Move b/w God's Children (1957)
597 Kindly Shepherd Gospel Singers
   Climbing Higher Mountains b/w Oh, How I Love Jesus (1957)
598 Singing Sons
   Send It On Down b/w The Christian Way (1957)
599 Jewel Gospel Trio
   Sin Is To Blame b/w Praying Time (1957)




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Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)
Terry Hounsome (RockRom CD, see links page)