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Nashboro - Gospel 700 series


700 Sons Of Faith
   I Gave My Heart To Jesus b/w What More Can He Do (1961)
701 Rock Island Singers
   Lord I'll Be Satisfied b/w Can't Do Without The Lord (1961)
702 Gospel Five Singers
   Jesus Is With Me All The Way b/w This Is My Testimony (1961)
703 Hightower Bros. Gospel Singers
   Ain't Gonna Be This Way Always b/w God Has Been Good (1961)
704 Swanee Quintet
   Leaning On The Lord b/w Oh Yes He Will (1961)
705 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Stop Gambler b/w The Hammer Rings (1961)
706 Golden Trumpets
   Born To Die b/w I Thank Jesus So Much (1961)
707 Six Trumpets
   Jesus Christ The Baby b/w My Jesus, He's Pleased (1961)
708 Sons Of Jehovah
   Let My People Go b/w A Servant Of God (1962)
709 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Everybody Ought To Pray b/w Goin' Over Yonder (1962)
710 Bright Stars
   Someone's Waitin' For Me b/w Family Prayer (1962)
711 Sons Of Faith
   Gonna See My Friend Again b/w Mother Had It (1962)
712 Swanee Quintet
   I Need You Jesus b/w One More River To Cross (1962)
713 Bro. Joe May
   Goin' On a Long Journey b/w Walk With Me Lord (1962)
714 Six Trumpets
   God Wants Real People b/w God Has His Eyes On You (1962)
715 Bonita Cantrell
   Looking And Waiting For Jesus b/w Beyond The Sky (1962)
716 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Have Faith In God b/w What's Happening (1962)
717 Radio Four
   What He's Done For Me b/w Whisper to Jesus (1962)
718 Consolers
   Glory Land b/w Goin' Across The River (1962)
719 Hightower Brothers
   To The End b/w Until He Comes (1962)
720 Singing Crusaders
   Baptism Of Jesus b/w Jesus, He'll Take Me (1962)
721 Supreme Angels
   Rest From My Labor b/w Let The Will Of The Lord Be Done (1962)
722 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Don't You Wanta Go b/w Jesus Will Never Say No (1962)
723 Morgan Babb
   Keep Faith In God b/w What Is This (1962)
724 Gospel Solotones
   Same Train b/w Ride On Moses (1962)
725 Brother Joe May
   Take A Poor Servant Home b/w Walk On Talk On (1962)
726 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Be Sure He'll Take Care b/w He Never Left Me Alone (1962)
727 Traveling Kings
   So Soon! I'll Be At Home b/w Sing On (1962)
728 Dixie Nightingales
   My Destiny b/w Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (1962)
729 Skylarks
   Roll Jordan Roll b/w Let's Work For Him (1962)
730 Gospel Five Singers
   Done The Best I Can b/w Love Down Deep In Your Heart (1962)
731 Sister Emma Tucker
   Free To Worship b/w I'm Trusting In Jesus (1962)
732 Bright Stars
   He Rescued Me b/w Standing In The Safety Zone (1962)
733 Bonita Cantrell
   Dark Calverie's Hill b/w Sinner Man (1962)
734 Sons Of Faith
   Since I've Been Born b/w What You Gonna Do (1962)
735 Swanee Quintet
   How I Got Over b/w Take The Lord With You (1962)
736 Holmes Sisters
   I Found The Saviour b/w The Living God (1962)
737 Sons Of Jehovah
   Gonna Travel On b/w Our Troubles Of Today (1962)
738 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Tell It Like It Is b/w Someone's Gone Home (1962)
739 Supreme Angels
   He's By My Side b/w Drinking Of The Wine (1962)
740 Consolers
   Waitin' At The River b/w Say A Prayer For Me (1962)
741 Canaanites
   Let Jesus Lead The Way b/w Trust Him Today (1962)
742 Silver Bells
   No Friend Like the Lord b/w Go With Me (1962)
743 Gospel Song Birds
   Jesus I Love You b/w The Bible Is Right (1962)
744 Gospel Clouds Of Joy
   Just A Few More Days b/w Get Down On Your Knees (1962)
745 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Leaking In This Building b/w Lord When I Get Home (1962)
746 Gospel Solotones
   Ride In The Chariot b/w Steal Away (1962)
747 Traveling Kings
   Could Have Been Gone b/w God's Been Good (1962)
748 Bonita Cantrell
      Marching Home b/w Sweet Heaven (1962)
749 Phillipian Singers
   Since He Lightened My Heavy Load b/w Great Camp Meeting (1962)
750 Brother Joe May
   How The Lord Can Heal b/w Wake Me And Shake Me (1962)
751 Maggie Ingram & Silverstars
   King Of Kings b/w Visions Of The Shepherd (1962)
752 Six Trumpets
   Don't Know Why b/w When Trouble Arises (1962)
753 Sister Emma Tucker
   Come On And Go b/w Look And See (1962)
754 Consolers
   Over Yonder b/w God Makes No Mistakes (1962)
755 Holmes Sisters
   God Got His Hand On Me b/w The Love Of Jesus (1962)
756 Singing Crusaders
   Lord I'm In Your Care b/w Lord Somebody Touched Me (1963)
757 Hightower Brothers
   Saved By The Blood Of Jesus b/w This Little Light Of Mine (1963)
758 Skylarks
   Someone To Care b/w Fly Away (1963)
759 National Clouds Of Joy
   Want Jesus To Hold My Hand b/w I Heard The Angels Singing (1963)
760 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Let's Praise God b/w Mother's Looking For Me (1963)
761 Chosen Gospel Singers
   Let Your Life Speak Out b/w You'll Need The Lord (1963)
762 Maggie Ingram & Silverstars
   Got A Mind To Serve The Lord b/w The Only Way Home (1963)
763 Sons Of Jehovah
   Judgement Day Is Coming b/w You Gotta Live Right (1963)
764 Dixie Nightingales
   I Would Not Be A Sinner b/w I Will Go With You (1963)
765 Bonita Cantrell
   Blessed Assurance b/w There's No Segregation In Heaven (1963)
766 Supreme Angels
   Ain't Gonna Study War No More b/w Come And See About Me (1963)
767 Gospel Song Birds
   When They Ring Them Golden Bells b/w Help Me To Run This Race (1963)
768 Bright Stars
   What Could I Do b/w Do You Love Jesus (1963)
769 Traveling Kings
   I Know A Man b/w My Rock (1963)
770 Brother Joe May
   Don't Fly So High b/w Call Him By His Name (1963)
771 Morgan Babb
   Don't Leave Me Jesus b/w Sinner! Don't Wait (1963)
772 Consolers
   Won't It Be Grand b/w Want To Go With Jesus (1963)
773 Silver Bells
   God Will Bless You b/w God's Done So Much (1963)
774 Swanee Quintet
   Meeting Tonight b/w Oh How I Love Jesus (1963)
775 Gospel Clouds Of Joy
   The Ship Tossed And Rocked b/w Thinking About His Goodness (1963)
776 Hightower Brothers
   It's Glory Glory b/w Seat In The Kingdom (1963)
777 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Bless Me Jesus b/w Doin' All The Good We Can (1963)
778 Holmes Sisters
   Gonna Ride This Train b/w Son Of Man (1963)
779 Gospel Solotones
   Honey In The Rock b/w Wrestling Jacob (1963)
780 Singing Crusaders
   Oh Lord You've Been Good To Me b/w One Way To The Pearly Gate (1963)
781 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Jesus Is Mine b/w Seven Steps To Hell (1963)
782 Six Trumpets
   He'll Take Care Of You b/w Lord I'm In Your Care (1963)
783 Sons Of Faith
   Winding Chain b/w Beautiful Land (1963)
784 Sim-Aires
   Lord You've Been Good to Me b/w I'm a Christian (1963)
785 Sons Of Glory
   Gonna Talk With The Lord b/w What The Lord Can Do (1963)
786 Brother Joe May
   Jesus Said Go b/w We're Marching On (1963)
787 Angelic Gospel Singers
   I Shall Know Him b/w I Want to Go to Heaven (1963)
788 CBS Trumpeteers
   God Is Coming b/w One Day I Was Walking (1963)
789 New Chosen Gospel Singers
   I'll Be There b/w Just Have to Cry Sometime (1963)
790 Swanee Quintet
   Life’s Ocean b/w I’m A Pilgrim (1963)
791 Gospel Song Birds
   Here's My Testimony b/w Just A Closer Walk With Thee (1963)
792 Sons Of Jehovah
   Left All Alone b/w Story Of Noah (1963)
793 Emma Tucker
   I Don't Have To Worry b/w Something To Tell Jesus (1963)
794 Bonita Cantrell
   God's With Me Every Day b/w I Must Tell Jesus (1963)
795 Golden Trumpets
   Working Below b/w We All Need Jesus (1963)
796 Holmes Sisters
   By His Word b/w On My Journey Now (1963)
797 Radio Four
   On My Journey Now b/w Belive Every Word He Says (1963)
798 Silver Bells
   Some Day You'll Miss Me b/w Lord Stop by Here (1963)
799 Canaanites
   Do You Stop To Pray b/w Lord You Can Depend On Me (1964)




Tom Kelly
Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)
Terry Hounsome (RockRom CD, see links page)