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Nashboro - Gospel 900 series


900 Brother Joe May
   My Own Fault b/w Where Is The Road That Leads Me (1966)
901 Gospel Keynotes
   I Don't Mind b/w We'll Live Again (1966)
902 Bells Of Joy
   I Know The Secret b/w Little David, Play On Your Harp (1966)
903 Cheatham Spiritual Singers
   Jesus Is Mine b/w Oh How I Love Jesus (1966)
904 Gospel Clouds Of Joy
   I'll Be Happy b/w Tears Of Joy (1966)
905 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Down On Me b/w When I Get Inside (1966)
906 Harmonizing Five
   Travelin' On b/w Without The Lord (1966)
907 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Jesus, When Troubles Burden Me b/w Standing On The Highway (1966)
908 Brother Joe May
   Silent Night b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy (1966)
909 Brooklyn Allstars
   How Long Has It Been b/w Motherless Child (1967)
910 Supreme Angels
   It's Sweet Just To Know b/w Our Nightly Prayer (1967)
911 Spiritual Five
   Mother's Plea (Pt. 1) b/w Mother's Plea (Pt. 2) (1967)
912 Traveling Notes
   Make Me b/w Jesus Is A Solid Rock (1967)
913 Sister Emma Tucker
   Crying Days Will Be Over b/w Who'll Be A Witness (1967)
914 Morgan Babb
   Go On, My Child (Pt. 1) b/w Go On, My Child (Pt. 2) (1967)
915 Brother Joe May
   That's Enough b/w Trouble In My Way (1967)
916 Bright Stars
   I Want To Go Home b/w Just Look Around You
917 Bells Of Joy
   Jesus Arose b/w Shepherd Feed My Sheep (1967)
918 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Long Tedious Journey b/w That's The Way The Lord Works (1967)
919 Gospel Keynotes
   God Knows It All b/w God's Love (1967)
920 Famous Skylarks
   Jesus knows b/w Gambling man (1967)
921 Gospel Clouds Of Joy
   I've Got To Stand For Jesus b/w When He Calls, I'll Answer (1967)
922 Sister Lucille Barbee
   Call Him By His Name b/w Let's Praise The Lord (1967)
923 Spiritual Five
   Old Time Religion b/w Stumbling Blocks (1967)
924 George Carter
   Troubles of the World b/w I Do, Don't You? (1967)
925 Professor Alex Bradford
   Got Everything I Need b/w I'll Never Forget (1967)
926 Brooklyn Allstars
   Jesus Loves Me b/w Tryin' To Get Home (1967)
927 Church Of God In Christ Choir Of Nashville, Tenn.
   The Power of the Lord b/w My Soul Loves Jesus (1967)
928 Consolers
   Lord Bring Me Down b/w Someone Must Answer (1967)
929 Taylor Brothers
   What More Can A Man Do b/w I'll Return To The Lord (1967)
930 Brother Joe May
   So Much To Talk About b/w Precious Lord (1967)
931 Supreme Angels
   He'll Understand b/w Why (Storm Of Life) (1967)
932 Rev. Morgan Babb
   All Tears b/w God Will Walk Away (1967)
933 Consolers
   Let The Bells Ring b/w No Room In The Inn (1967)
934 Johnson Specials
   How Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 1) b/w How Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 2) (1968)
935 Gospel Keynotes
   The Flowers You Give b/w One More Time (1968)
936 Brooklyn Allstars
   He Works That Way b/w No Cross No Crown (1968)
937 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Anytime Anyplace b/w I've Been A Christian Too Long (To Stop Now) (1968)
938 Edna Gallmon Cooke
   Bottles Of Tears b/w Shake My Mother's Hand (1968)
939 Prof. Alex Bradford
   Christ Is All b/w The Goal (1968)
940 Bright Stars
   God Will Bring Things Out All Right b/w Let Thy Will Be Done (1968)
941 Six Trumpets
   Set Me Free b/w Yes, God Is Real (1968)
942 Ethel Davenport
   Free At Last b/w Great Big Singing Jubilee (1968)
943 Consolers
   Thank God Things are As Well as They Are b/w Children Keep On Marching (1968)
944 Johnson Specials
   Does Jesus Care b/w Lazarus (1968)
945 Prof. Alex Bradford
   A Man's A Man B/W What The World Needs Now (1968)
946 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Father I Stretch My Hand b/w Glory To The New Born King (1968)
947 Dorothy Love and the Harmonettes
   (I'm Holding On) I Won't Let Go b/w Heaven, I've Heard So Much About It (1969)
948 Supreme Angels
   One Step Inside b/w Calvary (1969)
949 Rev. Willingham Singers
   New Walk b/w Sweep Around Your Own Door (1969)
950 Consolers
   May The Work I've Done Speak For Me b/w Since The Lord Laid His Hands On Me (1969)
951 Angelic Gospel Singers
   I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always b/w You Don't Know (What The Lord Has Done) (1969)
952 Brooklyn Allstars
   He Said He Would Move b/w Family Prayer (1969)
953 Prof. Alex Bradford
   I Believe b/w Just A Little Bit Of Jesus (1969)
954 Prof. Harold Boggs
   Someone To Care b/w What Is This (1969)
955 Gospel Keynotes
   Come On Lord b/w We Need Prayer (1969)
956 Consolers
   Merry Christmas b/w There Will Be Peace One Of These Days (1969)




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Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)
Terry Hounsome (RockRom CD, see links page)