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Nashboro Gospel; artists A-K


   Rev. W.M. Anderson and the Jordan River Singers
512 Jesus On The Main Line b/w Won't We Have A Time (When We Get Over Yonder) (1951)
   Angelic Gospel Singers
558 Jesus Never Fails Me b/w I'll Be Alright (1955)
607 I've Weathered The Storm b/w Every Day (1957)
644 Yes! Nobody Knows my Troubles b/w Touch Me Lord Jesus (1959)
659 All That I Need Is Jesus b/w Out of the Depths (1960)
673 Jesus Is A Way-Maker b/w My Sweet Home (1960)
687 I'm Getting Nearer (Pt. 1) b/w I'm Getting Nearer (Pt. 2) (1961)
709 Everybody Ought To Pray b/w Goin' Over Yonder (1962)
726 Be Sure He'll Take Care b/w He Never Left Me Alone (1962)
787 I Shall Know Him b/w I Want to Go to Heaven (1963)
809 Do Lord Remember Me b/w Yes! He’ll Take Care of You (1964)
879 Don't Know What I'd Do (Without The Lord) b/w Sometimes I Feel My Time Ain't Long (1965)
907 Jesus, When Troubles Burden Me b/w Standing On The Highway (1966)
946 Father I Stretch My Hand b/w Glory To The New Born King (1968)
951 I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always b/w You Don't Know (What The Lord Has Done) (1969)
  Rev. Morgan Babb
(Morgan Babb, Rev. Morgan Babb & Philco Singers)
603 Wonder How Long b/w Dedication To Mothers (1957)
627 God Works Wonders b/w I'll Follow Jesus (1958)
634 Take Me By The Hand b/w Cold Cold Ground (1959)
656 It's Never Too Late b/w Don't You Hinder Me (1959)
681 Shame b/w Everything You Need (1960)
696 Don't Leave Me Jesus b/w Lord You Know (1961)
723 Keep Faith In God b/w What Is This (1962)
771 Don't Leave Me Jesus b/w Sinner! Don't Wait (1963)
872 Everything You Need b/w I Won't Let Go (1965)
914 Go On, My Child (Pt. 1) b/w Go On, My Child (Pt. 2) (1967)
932 All Tears b/w God Will Walk Away (1967)
  Sister Lucille Barbee
(Lucile Barbee)
672 Faith And Grace b/w Let The Church Roll On (1960)
922 Call Him By His Name b/w Let's Praise The Lord (1967)
  Lucille Barbee and Morgan Babb
(with Israelite Travelers)
591 Yes, Call Him By His Name b/w Straighten 'em Lord (1956)
   Bells Of Joy
846 King Jesus is Listening b/w You Can't Do Wrong and Get By (1965)
853 Hear Our Blessed Lord b/w Just Live The Life (1965)
871 His Eye Is One The Sparrow b/w I'll Be Satisfied (1965)
902 I Know The Secret b/w Little David, Play On Your Harp (1966)
917 Jesus Arose b/w Shepherd Feed My Sheep (1967)
   Blair Gospel Singers
520 Forgive Me Lord b/w Standing At The Station (1952)
530 Lord You Know My Mind b/w In This World Today (1953)
532 I'm Striving Hard Each Day b/w I Want To Be More Like Jesus (1953)
542 Anyhow b/w I've Got Heaven On My Mind (1953)
555 I've Been Moaning So Long b/w Waiting For The Lord (1955)
   Prof. Harold Boggs
560 Help Me Jesus b/w When The Spirit Of The Lord Comes (1955)
578 Where God Leads Me I'll Follow b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me (1956)
594 Will I Be Remebered b/w Inside The Beautiful Gate (1957)
618 Because He's Mine b/w Yes, There's One (1958)
631 Hold On To What You Got b/w Lord Give Me Strength (1958)
647 When It Hits You b/w Swing Wide Open (1959)
671 Everything's Going To Be Alright b/w That's It (1960)
684 Heavenly Power b/w When They Ring Them Golden Bells (1961)
694 I Prayed And He Healed Me b/w I Recommend The Lord (1961)
716 Have Faith In God b/w What's Happening (1962)
738 Tell It Like It Is b/w Someone's Gone Home (1962)
777 Bless Me Jesus b/w Doin' All The Good We Can (1963)
832 I've Fixed It With Jesus b/w My Home Sweet Home (1964)
857 God Can Do What You Need b/w My Loving Mother Prayed (1965)
873 'Tis So Sweet To Let God Abide b/w What Are They Doin' Right Now (1965)
889 I've Got It b/w Now I'm Saved (1966)
918 Long Tedious Journey b/w That's The Way The Lord Works (1967)
937 Anytime Anyplace b/w I've Been A Christian Too Long (To Stop Now) (1968)
954 Someone To Care b/w What Is This (1969)
   Prof. Alex Bradford
925 Got Everything I Need b/w I'll Never Forget (1967)
939 Christ Is All b/w The Goal (1968)
945 A Man's A Man b/w What The World Needs Now (1968)
953 I Believe b/w Just A Little Bit Of Jesus (1969)
   Bright Stars
666 Deep In My Heart b/w Look At The Promised Land (1960)
683 Rainbow In The Sky b/w I Feel The Fire Burning (1961)
710 Someone's Waitin' For Me b/w Family Prayer (1962)
732 He Rescued Me b/w Standing In The Safety Zone (1962)
768 What Could I Do b/w Do You Love Jesus (1963)
801 Jesus Steppin b/w Jesus Keep Your Arms Around Me (1964)
827 God's Coming Again b/w If You Miss Me Singing (1964)
851 When I'm Gone b/w I've Done Thy Will (1965)
863 Found The Saviour b/w Jesus Will Help You (1965)
916 I Want To Go Home b/w Just Look Around You
940 God Will Bring Things Out All Right b/w Let Thy Will Be Done (1968)
  Brooklyn Allstars
Note: for a complete discography of the Brooklyn Allstars, click here.
909 How Long Has It Been b/w Motherless Child (1967)
926 Jesus Loves Me b/w Tryin' To Get Home (1967)
936 He Works That Way b/w No Cross No Crown (1968)
952 He Said He Would Move b/w Family Prayer (1969)
   Eloise Brown
849 Blessed Assurance b/w What A Friend We Have In Jesus (1965)
693 Land Of Mercy b/w I Want To Be Thine (1961)
741 Let Jesus Lead The Way b/w Trust Him Today (1962)
799 Do You Stop To Pray b/w Lord You Can Depend On Me (1964)
   Bonita Cantrell
715 Looking And Waiting For Jesus b/w Beyond The Sky (1962)
733 Dark Calverie's Hill b/w Sinner Man (1962)
748 Marching Home b/w Sweet Heaven (1962)
765 Blessed Assurance b/w There's No Segregation In Heaven (1963)
794 God's With Me Every Day b/w I Must Tell Jesus (1963)
811 Must Jesus Bear The Cross b/w Why Not Today (1964)
834 Beautiful Home b/w Wait on the Lord (1964)
   George Carter
924 Troubles of the World b/w I Do, Don't You? (1967)
   Cheatham Spiritual Singers
903 Jesus Is Mine b/w Oh How I Love Jesus (1966)
  Chosen Gospel Singers
(New Chosen Gospel Singers)
567 It's Alright b/w When The Saints Go Marching In (1955)
573 This Old Soul Of Mine b/w Hellelujah (1956)
593 Troubles Of This World b/w Do Thy Will (1957)
601 Walk With Me b/w Won't Be Back (1957)
615 Lord Shine On Me b/w Borrowed Land (1958)
761 Let Your Life Speak Out b/w You'll Need The Lord (1963)
789 I'll Be There b/w Just Have to Cry Sometime (1963)
   Christland Singers
556 Nothing Will Move Me (From The Love Of God) b/w Where Could I Go (But To The Lord) (1955)
569 (I'm Willing To Run) All The Way Lord b/w Sell Out To The Master (1955)
589 Jesus Has A Blessing b/w You Got To Be Born Again (1956)
621 He Walks With Me b/w Sometime Our Burdens Are Hard (1958)
   Church Of God In Christ Choir Of Nashville, Tenn.
927 The Power of the Lord b/w My Soul Loves Jesus (1967)
   Dorothy Love Coates and the Harmonettes
(as Dorothy Love and the Harmonettes)
947 (I'm Holding On) I Won't Let Go b/w Heaven, I've Heard So Much About It (1968)
564 Nobody Knows b/w Give Me My Flowers (1955)
586 I'm Gonna Use Just What I've Got b/w I Cried To The Lord (1956)
595 I Remember The Bridge b/w Let Jesus Come In (1957)
608 Revival Time b/w When Others Fail (1957)
622 Glad To Be In The Number b/w I Shall Not Want (1958)
632 God Will Take Care b/w It May Be The Last Time (1958)
646 Every Christian Mother b/w Help Me To Understand (1959)
661 Another Day's Journey b/w Some Sweet Day After A While (1960)
670 Never Could Have Made It (Pt. 1) b/w Never Could Have Made It (Pt. 2) (1960)
680 By The Help Of The Lord b/w Almighty God (1960)
690 I Know What It Means b/w After The Clouds Roll Away (1961)
718 Glory Land b/w Goin' Across The River (1962)
740 Waitin' At The River b/w Say A Prayer For Me (1962)
754 Over Yonder b/w God Makes No Mistakes (1962)
772 Won't It Be Grand b/w Want To Go With Jesus (1963)
800 Waiting for My Child b/w On God's Word (1964)
833 Around God's Throne b/w Don't Want To Be Lost (1964)
898 Too Late b/w His Child Is Aboard (1966)
928 Lord Bring Me Down b/w Someone Must Answer (1967)
933 Let The Bells Ring b/w No Room In The Inn (1967)
943 Thank God Things are As Well as They Are b/w Children Keep On Marching (1968)
950 May The Work I've Done Speak For Me b/w Since The Lord Laid His Hands On Me (1969)
956 Merry Christmas b/w There Will Be Peace One Of These Days (1969)
  Edna Gallmon Cooke
(Edna Gallmon Cooke with The Singing Sons)
Note: for a complete discography of Edna Galmon Cooke, click here.
549 Nobody But You Lord b/w Somebody Help Me (1955)
553 Who'll Be A Witness b/w My Joy (1955)
561 Said I Wouldn't Tell It b/w Hide Me (1955)
574 My Journey Home b/w Hallelujah (1956)
585 The Lord Blessed My Soul b/w Up To Sweet Heaven (1956)
596 God Will Move b/w God's Children (1957)
609 A Dedication b/w You Ought've Been There (1957)
623 I Can't See Them Now b/w Road Of No Returns (1958)
628 Come Home b/w Heavy Load (1958)
640 Nobody But You Lord b/w Walk Through The Valley (1959)
652 He'll Fix It b/w If You Don't Go (1959)
664 In My Heavenly Home b/w It Could Be Jesus (1960)
675 Wave That Train b/w War Fare (1960)
697 Walking On The Right Road b/w The Lord Still Answers Prayer (1961)
705 Stop Gambler b/w The Hammer Rings (1961)
722 Don't You Wanta Go b/w Jesus Will Never Say No (1962)
745 Leaking In This Building b/w Lord When I Get Home (1962)
760 Let's Praise God b/w Mother's Looking For Me (1963)
781 Jesus Is Mine b/w Seven Steps To Hell (1963)
806 You Don't Know b/w The Man's Alright (1964)
848 The Mule Talked b/w Little Boy (1965)
883 At The Gate b/w Poor Me (1966)
905 Down On Me b/w When I Get Inside (1966)
938 Bottles Of Tears b/w Shake My Mother's Hand (1968)
   The Choir Of Bill's Creek Baptist Church
850 Oh How I Love Jesus b/w Blood Done Signed My Name (1965)

Cross-Road Singers

510 Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Comes b/w Where Shall I Be (1951)
511 Leave It There b/w Roll The Stone Away (1951)
   Ethel Davenport
942 Free At Last b/w Great Big Singing Jubilee (1968)
   Dixie Nightingales
728 My Destiny b/w Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (1962)
764 I Would Not Be A Sinner b/w I Will Go With You (1963)
808 Death Is Riding b/w Pleading For Me (1964)
   Fireside Gospel Singers
506 Gabriel Sound Your Trumpet b/w Tell Jesus I'm Coming Home (1951)
515 What Did Jesus Say b/w God Leads His Dear Children Along (1951)
522 In The Garden b/w Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread (1952)
536 Better Stop And Get Religion b/w When The Roll Is Called (1953)
539 Get Your Soul Right b/w When They Ring Them Golden Bells (1953)
  Flying Clouds Of Detroit
(Flying Clouds Quintet)
529 I'm Going Through b/w Jezebel (1953)
537 I, John Saw A Mighty Number b/w When Jesus Comes (1953)
   Rev. M.L. Franklin
819 Marching To Zion b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer (1964)
   Golden Trumpets
557 Down At The Cross b/w Just Like Jesus Did (1955)
576 Come And Go With Me b/w Plow Your Row To The End (1956)
649 Mean Old World b/w Jesus My Doctor (1959)
682 The Blood Of Jesus b/w Standing By His Word (1961)
706 Born To Die b/w I Thank Jesus So Much (1961)
795 Working Below b/w We All Need Jesus (1963)
835 A Sweeter Life b/w So Called Christians (1964)
   Gospel Clouds Of Joy
744 Just A Few More Days b/w Get Down On Your Knees (1962)
775 The Ship Tossed And Rocked b/w Thinking About His Goodness (1963)
807 A Brighter Day b/w Lord I'll Take Your Word (1964)
831 Jesus My Friend b/w My Lord He's The Man (1964)
881 Goin' Back To Jesus b/w When Morning Comes (1965)
904 I'll Be Happy b/w Tears Of Joy (1966)
921 I've Got To Stand For Jesus b/w When He Calls, I'll Answer (1967)
   Gospel Five Singers
702 Jesus Is With Me All The Way b/w This Is My Testimony (1961)
730 Done The Best I Can b/w Love Down Deep In Your Heart (1962)
   Gospel Keynotes
824 Show Me The Way b/w In Glory Land (1964)
852 Have More Faith b/w Only Right Will Win (1965)
891 Meet Me At The River b/w Working For Jesus (1966)
901 I Don't Mind b/w We'll Live Again (1966)
919 God Knows It All b/w God's Love (1967)
935 The Flowers You Give b/w One More Time (1968)
955 Come On Lord b/w We Need Prayer (1969)
   Gospel Paraders
613 It's Worryin' Me b/w When We Reach That Kingdom (1958)
   Gospel Solotones
724 Same Train b/w Ride On Moses (1962)
746 Ride In The Chariot b/w Steal Away (1962)
779 Honey In The Rock b/w Wrestling Jacob (1963)
   Gospel Song Birds
743 Jesus I Love You b/w The Bible Is Right (1962)
767 When They Ring Them Golden Bells b/w Help Me To Run This Race (1963)
791 Here's My Testimony b/w Just A Closer Walk With Thee (1963)
821 Let Jesus Lead You b/w Do You Ever Call Jesus (1964)
845 When God Calls Me b/w Won't It Be Grand (1965)
859 Farther Along b/w Hallelujah (1965)
885 Glory To His Name b/w Traveling Pilgrim (1966)
896 Story Of The Woman (At The Well) b/w Cannan Land (1966)
   Harmonizing Five
838 When I Sought The Lord b/w You Need The Lord Every Day (1964)
861 I'll Go b/w Live By The Lord's Prayer (1965)
876 I'll Wake Up In Glory b/w Lord I'll Come To Thee (1965)
888 God Has A Way b/w Lord I'll Be There (1966)
906 Travelin' On b/w Without The Lord (1966)
  Hightower Brothers
(Hightower Bros. Singers, Hightower Bros. Gospel Singers)
663 Finally Made It In b/w Oh Lord Save Me (1960)
674 My Jesus Loves Me b/w Lord Help Me To Stand (1960)
686 Lord Take Me Through b/w Jesus My Only Friend (1961)
703 Ain't Gonna Be This Way Always b/w God Has Been Good (1961)
719 To The End b/w Until He Comes (1962)
757 Saved By The Blood Of Jesus b/w This Little Light Of Mine (1963)
776 It's Glory Glory b/w Seat In The Kingdom (1963)
   Holmes Sisters
736 I Found The Saviour b/w The Living God (1962)
755 God Got His Hand On Me b/w The Love Of Jesus (1962)
778 Gonna Ride This Train b/w Son Of Man (1963)
796 By His Word b/w On My Journey Now (1963)
870 Lord Hear My Cry b/w Safe In The Arms Of Jesus (1965)
  Maggie Ingram
(Maggie Ingram & Silverstars, Maggie Ingram & Ingramettes)
751 King Of Kings b/w Visions Of The Shepherd (1962)
762 Got A Mind To Serve The Lord b/w The Only Way Home (1963)
804 Come Ye Disconsolate b/w Victory Shall Be Mine (1964)
820 I'm Not Uneasy b/w Melody Of Love (1964)
843 Plea For Men b/w Time Is Winding Up (1965)
868 God's Wonderful Love b/w Let Jesus Come Into Your Life (1965)
884 Gimme That Old Time Religion b/w My Friend Jesus (1966)
894 Land Of Peace b/w Solid Rock (1966)
  Jewel Gospel Singers
(Jewel Gospel Trio)
550 Many Little Angels In The Band b/w Take My Hand Precious Lord (1955)
570 I Looked Down The Line b/w Somebody's Knocking At My Door (1955)
588 Jesus Is Listening b/w The Gospel Ship (1956)
599 Sin Is To Blame b/w Praying Time (1957)
617 Too Late b/w Ease My Troublin' (1958)
   Johnson Specials
934 How Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 1) b/w How Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 2) (1967)
944 Does Jesus Care b/w Lazarus (1968)
   Jordan River Singers
517 I'm A Soldier b/w My Life Is In His Hands (1952)
528 Precious Lord b/w Seek And Ye Shall Find (1953)
  Kelly Brothers
(Kelly Bros. Singers, Kelley Brothers)
Note: for a complete discography of the Kelly Brothers, click here.
611 Glad I Found The Lord b/w I'll Be Ready (1957)
654 Got A Soul To Save b/w Oh Beulah Land (1959)
  Kindly Shepherd Gospel Singers
(Kindly Shepherds)
580 The Upper Garden b/w Left In The Hands Of The Lord (1956)
597 Climbing Higher Mountains b/w Oh, How I Love Jesus (1957)
616 Lay Me Down to Sleep b/w So Many Years (1958)
639 On The Battlefield b/w Testify For Jesus (1959)
662 Every Year Carries A Number b/w Take The Lord With You (1960)




Tom Kelly
Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)
Terry Hounsome (RockRom CD, see links page)