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Nashboro Gospel; artists L-Z


   Rev. Emmett A.L. Lampkin
572 Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 1) b/w Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 2) (1956)
  Brother Joe May
(Bro. Joe May)
750 How The Lord Can Heal b/w Wake Me And Shake Me (1962)
635 The Master's On Our Side b/w My Mother Prayed For Me (1959)
643 Hush Somebody Is Calling My Name b/w I Heard Angels Singing (b-side with Emma Tucker) (1959)
657 When The Lord Gets Ready b/w Wiling To Run (1959)
665 My Conversion b/w Go Tell The News (1960)
677 Amazing Grace (Pt. 1) b/w Amazing Grace (Pt. 2) (1960)
688 Free At Last b/w I'm On The Battlefield (1961)
699 Anybody Waiting For Me b/w Somebody Needs My Jesus (1961)
713 Goin' On a Long Journey b/w Walk With Me Lord (1962)
725 Take A Poor Servant Home b/w Walk On Talk On (1962)
750 How The Lord Can Heal b/w Wake Me And Shake Me (1962)
770 Don't Fly So High b/w Call Him By His Name (1963)
786 Jesus Said Go b/w We're Marching On (1963)
828 What You've Done For Me b/w God Gave Me A Song (1964)
842 I've Been Trampin' b/w What is This (1964)
856 To My Home in Glory b/w Must Jesus bear the Cross (1965)
869 Harder Is My Fight b/w Been In The War So Long (1965)
900 My Own Fault b/w Where Is The Road That Leads Me (1966)
908 Silent Night b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy (1966)
915 That's Enough b/w Trouble In My Way (1967)
930 So Much To Talk About b/w Precious Lord (1967)
   Mighty Golden Tones
825 Lord Care For Me b/w My Saviour Lifted Me (1964)
855 Just One Look In The Book b/w When The Saints Go Marching In (1965)
874 It's Time To Testify b/w Just Can't Help It (1965)
   Morning Echoes
847 Not Bread Alone b/w The Lord Will Provide (1965)
866 I've Got Jesus b/w Last Pass-Over (1965)
886 Waiting And Watching b/w God's A Wonderful Lawyer (1966)
899 I Thank My Jesus Every Day b/w God Has Brought Me Safe This Far (1966)
   National Clouds Of Joy
759 Want Jesus To Hold My Hand b/w I Heard The Angels Singing (1963)
822 Oh Lord I Need Thee b/w There's Only One Train (1964)
840 In The Stone b/w When Jesus Rises (1964)
   Phillipian Singers
749 Since He Lightened My Heavy Load b/w Great Camp Meeting (1962)
   Pilgrim Jubilee Singers
605 Gonna Work On b/w God Is Good To Me (1957)
625 John Behold Thy Mother b/w I Heard Of A City (1958)
650 River of Jordan b/w Father I'm Coming Home (1959)
695 I've Done Got Over b/w Jesus Help Me (1961)
  Radio Four
Note: for a complete discography of the Radio Four, click here.
566 An Earnest Prayer b/w How Much I Owe (1955)
568 Sending Up A Prayer (Pt. 1) b/w Sending Up A Prayer (Pt. 2) (1955)
577 My Imagination Of Heaven b/w I Expect To Be Landed (1956)
592 If You Miss Me From Praying b/w The Christian Race (1956)
600 Travelin' Through The Land b/w You Must See Jesus (1957)
614 You Can't Hide b/w All on Board (1958)
624 Building A Home b/w I Feel The Spirit (1958)
638 There's Gonna Be Joy b/w The Road's Rough & Rocky (1959)
660 When He Calls Me b/w I Received My Blessings (1960)
692 Jesus Never Left Me Alone b/w Walk Around My Bedside (1961)
717 What He's Done For Me b/w Whisper to Jesus (1962)
797 On My Journey Now b/w Belive Every Word He Says (1963)
837 What Kind Of Man Is Jesus b/w In My Father's House (1964)
   Annie Robinson
818 God Sent Jesus b/w God Gave It To Me (1964)
   Rock Island Singers
701 Lord I'll Be Satisfied b/w Can't Do Without The Lord (1961)
   Sensational Propheteers
633 Lord Lifted Me b/w I'm Battling (1958)
   Silver Bells
773 God Will Bless You b/w God's Done So Much (1963)
742 No Friend Like the Lord b/w Go With Me (1962)
798 Some Day You'll Miss Me b/w Lord Stop by Here (1963)
814 The Great Reunion b/w Walking On The Water (1964)
836 Pray Like the Lord Says b/w My Love For Jesus (1964)
862 Solve Your Problems With Prayer b/w Get With The Bible (1965)
877 Glorify The Name Of Jesus b/w The Lord Told Me Something (1965)
892 Started On My Journey b/w Jesus The Perfect Man (1966)
   Silvertone Jubilee Singers
(Silvertone Singers)
500 I Met My Mother This Morning b/w I'm Looking For My Jesus (1951)
502 Prayer Changes Things b/w Just Can't Help From Cryin' (1951)
525 Walk Through The Valley b/w When We Bow In The Evening At The Altar (1953)
534 I've Got A Mother Gone On b/w What Are They Doing In Heaven (1953)
584 The Sun Will Rise To The East b/w It's A Wonder What My Lord Can Do (1956)
784 Lord You've Been Good to Me b/w I'm a Christian (1963)
   Singing Crusaders
720 Baptism Of Jesus b/w Jesus, He'll Take Me (1962)
756 Lord I'm In Your Care b/w Lord Somebody Touched Me (1963)
780 Oh Lord You've Been Good To Me b/w One Way To The Pearly Gate (1963)
816 Good Morning b/w Angels Backing Me (1964)
841 Lord I'll Go b/w Come Into The Room (1964)
   Singing Sons
590 God Will Bring Things Out b/w If You Ever Needed The Lord (1956)
598 Send It On Down b/w The Christian Way (1957)
676 Throw Your Arms Around Me b/w I Need Your Power (1960)
   Six Trumpets
707 Jesus Christ The Baby b/w My Jesus, He's Pleased (1961)
714 God Wants Real People b/w God Has His Eyes On You (1962)
752 Don't Know Why b/w When Trouble Arises (1962)
782 He'll Take Care Of You b/w Lord I'm In Your Care (1963)
812 I Found Jesus b/w Lord You Saved My Soul (1964)
839 New Born King b/w Nobody But You Lord (1964)
867 Confession b/w Just Call Jesus (1965)
882 Jesus Is Calling b/w My Work Will Be Done (1965)
941 Set Me Free b/w Yes, God Is Real (1968)
(Famous Skylarks)
503 Stand By Me b/w Something About My Lord Mighty Sweet (1951)
504 My Rock b/w Four And Twenty-Four Elders (1951)
505 Life's Burdens (Pt. 1) b/w Life's Burdens (Pt. 2) (1951)
508 Cheer The Weary Traveler b/w The Holy Father (1951)
509 There Must Be A City b/w This Heart Of Mine (1951)
513 Farther Along b/w I'm Satisfied (1951)
518 Jesus Won't Deny Me b/w What A Glorious Day (1952)
523 New Jerusalem b/w What Manner Of Man Is This (1952)
531 Come over here b/w I want to walk with Jesus (1953)
535 Jesus Prayed Every Step Of The Way b/w This May Be The Last Time (1953)
540 Heavenly Light Shine On Me b/w I Want To Know Will He Welcome Me There (1953)
544 Lord Have Mercy b/w There's No Discharge In God's Army (1953)
545 Baptism Of Jesus b/w I Stepped In The Water One Day (1954)
548 Call You In The Morning b/w Letter From Jesus (1954)
554 Gonna Wake Up In Glory b/w I Love The Lord (1955)
565 God Is Able b/w He's My All And All (1955)
583 Gonna Help The Needy b/w Come In At The Door (1956)
637 Jesus Keeps Me Alive b/w When The World's On Fire (1959)
729 Roll Jordan Roll b/w Let's Work For Him (1962)
758 Someone To Care b/w Fly Away (1963)
875 My Life Is In His Hands b/w Lord! I'm Your Child (1965)
893 All Over This World b/w Within Me (1966)
897 When You Give (Pt. 1) b/w When You Give (Pt. 2) (1966)
920 Jesus knows b/w Gambling man (1967)
   Sons Of Faith
700 I Gave My Heart To Jesus b/w What More Can He Do (1961)
711 Gonna See My Friend Again b/w Mother Had It (1962)
734 Since I've Been Born b/w What You Gonna Do (1962)
783 Winding Chain b/w Beautiful Land (1963)
   Sons Of Glory
785 Gonna Talk With The Lord b/w What The Lord Can Do (1963)
810 No Other Help b/w At Peace With Jesus (1964)
   Sons Of Jehovah
610 High Cost Of Living b/w Teach Me Lord (1957)
626 Keep Me And Teach Me b/w The Holy Bible (1958)
645 Jesus Hear My Plea b/w Waiting For Me (1959)
669 It's Me Lord b/w We Are Blessed (1960)
708 Let My People Go b/w A Servant Of God (1962)
737 Gonna Travel On b/w Our Troubles Of Today (1962)
763 Judgement Day Is Coming b/w You Gotta Live Right (1963)
792 Left All Alone b/w Story Of Noah (1963)
817 Pleading To God b/w Story Of The Hebrew Children (1964)
   Sons Of The South
575 Surely It Was God b/w I Know It Was The Blood (1956)
   Southern Echoes
581 Be Ready When He Comes b/w When Jesus Says Come Home (1956)
612 On My Way to See Jesus b/w Higher Up on the Mountain (1958)
   Spiritual Five
552 Heavenly Father b/w I've Been Born Again (1955)
579 Everyday Will Be The Same To Me b/w I'll Carry My Burden (1956)
602 I Don't Have To Worry b/w The King's Highway (1957)
629 Let Me Have A Talk b/w Trouble Will Be Over (1958)
651 Walk Around b/w Lord, I'm In Your Care (1959)
895 Satisfied With Him b/w The Sun Will Shine (1966)
911 Mother's Plea (Pt. 1) b/w Mother's Plea (Pt. 2) (1967)
923 Old Time Religion b/w Stumbling Blocks (1967)
   Spiritual Keynotes
658 Ashamed Of Jesus b/w Get Closer To God (1960)
  Supreme Angels
(Supreme Angel Singers)
619 Jesus Let Me Sleep b/w Run To The Rock (1958)
636 Seven Seals b/w Beautiful City (1959)
678 Let Me Thank You Lord b/w When I Get Up In Glory (1960)
721 Rest From My Labor b/w Let The Will Of The Lord Be Done (1962)
739 He's By My Side b/w Drinking Of The Wine (1962)
766 Ain't Gonna Study War No More b/w Come And See About Me (1963)
830 Lord I'm Alright b/w Jesus Soothes Me (1964)
854 Are You Ready b/w Friends Talk About Me (1965)
864 I Saw The Light b/w Till We Meet (1965)
880 Father Watch Over Us b/w I Want To Be Just Like Him (1965)
910 It's Sweet Just To Know b/w Our Nightly Prayer (1967)
931 He'll Understand b/w Why (Storm Of Life) (1967)
948 One Step Inside b/w Calvary (1969)
  Swanee Quintet
(Sewanee Quintet)
514 Jesus On My Mind b/w Walk In The Light (1951)
521 In My Savior's Care b/w That Old Time Religion (1952)
524 Come On In This Altar b/w My Lord Is Coming Back (1952)
533 Let Us Stretch Out b/w Wasn't It A Pity (1953)
538 Sit Down Servant b/w Well Done (1953)
541 Joy In Beulah Land b/w Long As Jesus Lives (1953)
546 Cry Sometime b/w In My Heart (1954)
547 On My Knees b/w Remember Me (1954)
551 It's Hard To Get Along b/w Judgement (1955)
562 I'm Alright Now b/w Low Down Chariot (1955)
571 Race To Run b/w My Last Prayer (1956)
587 Jesus Won't Fail b/w The Fire Keeps A Burning (1956)
604 Come See About Me b/w My Burdens Are Laid Down (1957)
620 Sleep On Mother b/w When I Move (1958)
630 Over In Zion b/w Where He Leads Me (1958)
642 My Father's Land b/w What About Me (1959)
653 New Walk b/w Lowly Jesus (1959)
667 Lay This Body Down b/w When Jesus Comes (1960)
679 Children Pray On b/w Just Made It In (1960)
691 (Jesus Said If You Need Me) I'll Be There b/w Holy Ghost Got Me (1961)
704 Leaning On The Lord b/w Oh Yes He Will (1961)
712 I Need You Jesus b/w One More River To Cross (1962)
735 How I Got Over b/w Take The Lord With You (1962)
774 Meeting Tonight b/w Oh How I Love Jesus (1963)
790 Life’s Ocean b/w I’m A Pilgrim (1963)
803 The Lord's On My Side b/w He Cares For You (1964)
823 Death Will Come b/w Pray Sometime (1964)
858 This Train b/w Heard The Angels Sing (1965)
   Taylor Brothers
802 I Wonder b/w I'll Slave No More (1964)
813 My Trials Will Be Over b/w Will He Welcome Me (1964)
844 God Knows My Feelings b/w Mother's Advice (1965)
865 God Will Bless Us b/w Got Something You Don't Have (1965)
878 Time Will Bring You In b/w You Drive On (1965)
890 Come Ye That Love The Lord b/w Old Campground (1966)
929 What More Can A Man Do b/w I'll Return To The Lord (1967)
   Travelin Echoes
582 Looking For A Better Place To Live b/w For God I Live (1956)
   Traveling Kings
689 Down Here Lord Waiting On You b/w Shake Me Jesus (1961)
698 Now Lord b/w I'm Goin' (1961)
727 So Soon! I'll Be At Home b/w Sing On (1962)
747 Could Have Been Gone b/w God's Been Good (1962)
769 I Know A Man b/w My Rock (1963)
815 Farther Down The Road b/w Dark Clouds (1964)
   Traveling Notes
912 Make Me b/w Jesus Is A Solid Rock (1967)
(CBS Trumpeteers)
606 Seven Angels b/w I Want To Know (1957)
641 Milky White Way b/w Right John (1959)
655 My Lord Called Me b/w A Christian's Testimony (1959)
788 God Is Coming b/w One Day I Was Walking (1963)
805 My Heart Bubbles Over b/w Everything Moves (1964)
887 Lord Ease My Weary Mind b/w Little Wooden Church (1966)
   Trumpets Of Joy
559 Last Mile Of The Way b/w Sweeter Than The Day Before (1955)
648 I Come To Thee b/w I Love Jesus (1959)
668 I'm Going To New Jerusalem b/w He's Coming Back Again (1960)
685 On The Right Road Now b/w Need The Lord To Guide Me (1961)
  Sister Emma Tucker
(Emma Tucker)
731 Free To Worship b/w I'm Trusting In Jesus (1962)
753 Come On And Go b/w Look And See (1962)
793 I Don't Have To Worry b/w Something To Tell Jesus (1963)
829 In The Prayer Room b/w I Waited For A Long Time (1964)
860 You Should Have Been There b/w I'll Reach My Home (1965)
913 Crying Days Will Be Over b/w Who'll Be A Witness (1967)
   Geneva White
563 Just As I Am With Just One Plea b/w Blessed Assurance (1955)
   Williams Singers
826 Troubled Mind b/w We're Blessed (1964)
   Rev. Willingham Singers
949 New Walk b/w Sweep Around Your Own Door (1969)
   Zachery's Heavenly Gospelaires
501 Blessed Saviour b/w Lord Came To Save Me (1951)




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