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Various European 78s

These 78s were released in the 1950s, exact years are unknown.


Brunswick 04632 (United Kingdom)
US issue: Decca 48070, 1947


Capitol 40110 (The Netherlands)
US issue: Capitol 40110, 1948


Columbia 593 (United Kingdom)
US issue: Columbia 39216, 1949

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Decca 04989 (United Kingdom)
US issue: Decca 48154, 1948
Decca 02784 (United Kingdom)
US issue: Decca 2328, 1939
Note: 02784 is in fact a Brunswick record with an Decca label glued on.


Melodisc 1101 (United Kingdom)
US issue: Disc 6039, 1946


MGM 4091 (The Netherlands)
US issue: MGM 10250, 1948
(Source: Guido van Rijn)

Vocalion 1013 (United Kingdom)
US issues: Decca 48204 and Decca 48143, 1950


Vogue 116 (France)
US issues: King 4392 and King 4358, 1949