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Regent; artists A-Z


  Prof. Alex Bradford
(Prof. Alex Bradford and The Men Of Song, Prof. Alex Bradford and The Bradford Singers)
211 I'm Going To Work (Until The Day Is Done) b/w My Lord's Going To Move This Wicked Race (1962)
221 Because He Loves Me So b/w He's All Right (1963)
224 Everything Is All Right b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer (1963)
  Bullock Brothers
217 Jesus Loves Me b/w May The Lord Be With You (1963)
  Rev. H.B. Crum and His Golden Keys
Note: for a complete discography of Reverend Crum, click here.
207 I Can Feel Him b/w The Bible's Right (1962)
  Mary DeLoach
(on some releases this artist's name is spelled as DeLoatch)
1023 I'll Ride On a Cloud With My Lord b/w Our Father Loves His Son (1950)
1029 I Want To Die Easy b/w I Really Believe (1951)
1034 If You Only Knew b/w Mother Dear
1042 The New Gospel Street b/w The Lord's Gospel Train (1952)
  Brother Willie Eason
1043 There'll Be No Grumblers There b/w I Want To Live (So God Can Use Me) (1952)
  Gospel Redeemers
206 Lord Is The Master b/w My Soul's Salvation (1962)
214 I'll Be So Glad b/w I've Been Changed (1962)
223 Calvary b/w I've Been Saved (1963)
  Lincoln Gospel Singers
1010 Big Jubilee b/w Lincoln Gospel Train (1950)
1015 A Child Of God b/w Dark Trails (1950)
  Rev. Robert Lucas & The Christian Temple Choir
220 Just Like Fire b/w Sermon On The Mount (1963)
  Moses Gospel Singers
1035 Jesus He's A Friend Of Mine b/w It's All Right With Jesus (1951)
  Raymond Rasberry Singers
213 Sinner Man If I Were You b/w Waiting On You (1962)
  Royal Silvertones
216 The Patience Of Job b/w Jesus I Love Your Name (1962)
226 He Won't Forsake His Own b/w I'm Thinking Of A City (1964)
  Smith Sisters
209 I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken b/w Lord Send The Rain (1962)
215 V-i-c-t-o-r-y b/w Let´s Get In The Race (1962)
  Sons Of Thunder
(Mighty Sons Of Thunder)
210 Going To The City b/w I'll Get My Crown (1962)
218 Close Of The Day b/w I Don't Want To Be Alone (1963)
  Wandering Souls
219 Father Forgive Them b/w Nobody's Fault But Mine (1963)
225 Sister Mary b/w Wasn't It Sad (1963)
  Marion Williams
212 I'm Glad To Know b/w Calling For Me (1962)
222 I'm Begging You Please b/w The Lord Knows (1963)



Tom Kelly
Bob McGrath (The R&B Indies, see links page)

Terry Hounsome (RockRom CD, see links page)
Cedric J. Hayes and Robert Laughton (The Gospel Discography, 1943-1970)