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(1959 - 1962)

- This discography lists all known releases for the NY Revelation label. There are several other labels called Revelation.

- Per Notini wrote an introduction to this label, read it here.

- The Revelation series may have started with #100. However, nothing is known about #100-104. Number #401 though, which seems to be the earliest known Revelation release, may have been wrongly numbered. One may assume that it should have been #104 instead of #401.

- Before, I had #102 listed by the Sensational Aires, but this appeared to be on the Revelation label from North Carolina (early 70's).

- On the original Revelation 45s many typo's do appear. I didn't bother to correct them (this applies only for the ones I own; scans are available for these items).

- All years given indicate when the record was released, not when it was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on the song titles to see it.


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