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- There were several Revival labels, this is the one from Ecorse MI, best known because of the recordings by Shirley Ann Lee. The label was run by Felton Williams.

- Felton Williams ran four labels: Revival, Cass, Compose and Solid Rock. All gospel appeared on the Revival label. Although the labels were different, the issue numbers largely appeared to be continuing. Issues 633/634, 641/642, 126 and 129 came out on Compose, issue 643/644 on Solid Rock. No. 134 is also secular, and maybe unreleased (Compose?).

- The last known release was Revival 139 which came out in the 1980's probably.

- Issues #632 and #633 (Anchored Souls Of Atlanta and Christian Harmonizers Of South Carolina resp.) have probably been released on a New York Revival label. According to the Gospel Discography they are both from c. 1960, so they are not related to Williams' Revival label, which started in 1967.

- The Numero Group released an album called "Local Customs, Downriver Revival" (Numero LP/CD 026). It contains 24 releaesed and unreleased performances on the various labels run by Felton Williams, plus a DVD with almost 200 sound recordings pulled from Williams' vaults. Most of it is gospel and listed in the tapes vault (see link below).

- All years given indicate when the record was released, not when it was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on the song titles to see it.


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