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(c. 1961 - 1968)

- This discography lists all known gospel releases on the Rush label from Chicago, IL.

- The label owner was Henry Rush Jr. who died in 2004 at the age of 67. Click here to see an early photo and here to see the obituary from The Lamar Democrat And Sulligent News.

- An ad in the Chicago Defender indicated that Rush 2703 by the Norfleet Brothers was recorded and released in 1961. Other sources date this 45 and most Rush releases as from the late 1960's but that appears to be incorrect. At least, the label's main series (2700) was probably released before 1965.

- At one time during its history, Rush was a division of Bandera (see first label shown on this page) and later of Salem Records (as can be seen on the labels of #606 by the C & H Community Singers, click here - a better scan is needed, this is just for reference).

- The small Audio label was a sub label of Rush, on which one gospel 45 was released (2801 by the Glory Airs). The R&B Indies also makes a connection with Saint, which could have had the same address as Rush had for some time (two addresses are known for Rush). However, this needs verification. It's seems more likely that Saint was connected to St. Lawrence (or Saint Lawrence). Both artists on Saint (Lucy Rodgers and the Messiah's of Glory) were also on St. Lawrence. The numbering (both record numbers and matrix numbers) shows similarity with the St. Lawrence numbers and many sides on both labels seem to have been produced by Monk Higgins, who was probably not involved with the Rush recordings. Of course and on the other hand, Lucy Rodgers also had a release on Rush...

- To further complicate it: Rush, St. Lawrence and Saint were in some way connected to Checker, f.i. some issues on Rush were reissued on Checker and the Lucy Rodgers recordings that ended up on the Saint 45 and on one of the two St. Lawrence 45's were made during the same sessions that resulted in her Checker LP (#10034). The producer on many Checker sides was (again) Monk Higgins. Of course, the Chess brothers and their crew worked with many smaller labels in the Chicago area.

- All years given indicate when the record was released, not when it was recorded. Most years are estimates.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on the song titles to see it.


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