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Soul Seekers

- Each given year indicates when a song was recorded.

- The original line-up of this group included Arthur Blake, Corneil Underwood, Ernest Irvin, Alex Bolton, Marion Hannah and Wallace Meyers. Later members included Larry Lawson and George Washington.

- On the "Songs For My Mother" album brothers Richard and Frankie (James Franklin) Boyce played bass and guitar respectively. They played with George Clinton later. Frankie died in Vietnam in 1969.

- Click here to see two European EP releases by the Soul Seekers.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on a song title or issue (company & number) to see it.


c. June 1959

59-OR-42 Mother Take Your Rest Cub 9044, Cub LP 8006
59-OR-43 It's So High Cub 9044, Cub LP 8006
-- I'm Serving The Lord Cub LP 8006
-- On The Rock Cub LP 8006
-- Trouble In Mind Cub LP 8006
-- Just Another Day Cub LP 8006
-- Shadrach Cub LP 8006
-- There Is No Grave Cub LP 8006
-- Great Day Cub LP 8006
-- Jesus Your Love Cub LP 8006
-- Jesus Is Good To Me Cub LP 8006
-- Jesus Will Fix It Cub LP 8006

*   Cub LP 8006 is titled "Spirituals" (1959), click here for a picture.


c. 1959

A I'm Determined Mormax 54
B Something's Got A Hold Of Me Mormax 54
A Any Time For Jesus Mormax 55
B If The Lord Hadn't Waken Me Up Mormax 55


c. 1960

-- When The Morning Comes Beverley 746
-- Over In Glory Beverley 746


c. 1960-62?

A Mother Take A Rest Harrison 103
B I'm Serving The Lord Harrison 103

* Different recordings of the songs first released on Cub.


Newark, NJ, c. 1962

-- Precious Lord Choice 42 , Choice LP 516
-- What A Friend Choice 42 , Choice LP 516
-- Where Could I Go Choice LP 516
-- Yield Not To Temptation Choice LP 516
-- Troublin' Mind Choice LP 516
-- Get Right Church Choice LP 516
-- Blessed Assurance Choice LP 516
-- This Light Of Mine Choice LP 516
-- I'm Sanctified Choice LP 516
-- If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Choice LP 516
-- Highway Choice LP 516
-- Leaning Choice LP 516

* Choice LP 516 is titled "Songs For My Mother" (1962), click here for a picture.


c. 1969

-- We Come To Spread God's Word Gospel LP 3085

If The Lord Hadn't Wake Me Up This Morning

Gospel LP 3085
-- Have You Anything For Jesus Gospel LP 3085
-- Do Something For God Gospel LP 3085
-- Deep In My Heart Gospel LP 3085
-- I Want To Go To Heaven When I Die Gospel LP 3085
-- If I Could Hear My Mother Praying Gospel LP 3085
-- Tell It Like It Is Gospel LP 3085
-- Rest In The Shade Gospel LP 3085
-- Jesus Gospel LP 3085

*   Gospel LP 3085 is titled "Tell It Like It Is" (1969), click here for a picture.





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