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Voices Of Jordan - Go Tell Him What You Want
(Gospel 1037, 1960)

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July 2011

After listening to "It's Getting Late", recently featured on Mark Lamarr's "God's Jukebox" blog (see links page), I was drawn again to the recordings of the Voices Of Jordan (not to be confused with the choir that goes by the same name and recorded for Vee-Jay). Here's a very free adaption of "Jesus Is On The Main Line", a classic Mississippi Fred McDowell tune. It's a rousing version accompanied by drums and organ only - you don't need much to blow the roof off...

In fact little is known about the Voices Of Jordan. One LP and four singles were released on Savoy's Gospel label in the early 1960's and that seems to be all. The LP does not give any information of who was in this group. Gospel 1037 is the only 45 that lists two names as soloists: D. Kittrell and C. Porter. Apart from C. Porter's name there are various names given as composers on the 45's and some, all or none of them may have been part of the Voices. They are: A.A. Smith, L. Herman and Procter (which maybe a misspelling of C. Porter's name).