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Swan Silvertones - What's The Matter Now
(Vee-Jay unissued, c. 1965)

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February 2012

"What's The Matter Now", although recorded in the 1960's, was first released on Peacock LP 181 and Creed LP 3043 (both in 1973). The recording shows how powerful this group was. At the time the group featured Paul Owens, Linwood Hargrove, William "Pete" Connor(s), Louis Johnson, John Henry Miles and of course the magnificent Claude Jeter. Lead vocals on this track are done by Louis Johnson.

"What's The Matter Now" is supposed to be a Vee-Jay recording but is not listed in the Vee-Jay files. The same applies for most of the recordings on Peacock LP 181, and five of these also appeared on Creed LP 3043. Peacock LP 181 also featured both sides of a Peacock 45 (#968). This 45 is from 1965, and this leads me to think that the other tracks are from around the same year. But I could be wrong.

The Peacock LP was titled "I Found The Answer" and the Creed LP "What's The Matter Now", just like the track featured here. Both front covers are shown below.



Peacock LP 181


Creed LP 3043