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The Mighty Calvary Singers

Song 1 - What Would I Do Without You?

Song 2 - Thank You, Jesus

Song 3 - Brought Me From A Long Way

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December 2012

This month's dowload actually consists of three downloads, featuring early and little known recordings by the Mighty Calvary Singers, also known as the Calvary Singers, the Calvary Gospel Singers, the Original Calvary Singers and the Sensational Calvary Singers. Song 1 and 3 were also released on a 45 on Calvary, although it's not known if these are the same versions. "Thank You, Jesus" was also recorded for King in 1969, but the version featured here must be from an earlier date; like the other two it was probably recorded c. 1963-65.

These tracks come from a 1960's compilation LP featuring four groups that were booked by Bro. John Ramsey. Bro. John Ramsey was in one of the groups (the Fantastic Singing Thunders), and the other groups are the Famous Gospel All-Stars, the Fabulous Spiritone Singers and the Mighty Calvary Singers.

The whole album is available as a CD-r reissue. See the CD-r page.



(source: back cover of LP 149)