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Bounty 5592 (1966) - Friendly Brothers: Jobe

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September 2014

This month's download is by the Friendly Brothers. This group, organized in the mid 1950's, had two's 45's out on Vee-Jay in 1959 and then resurfaced on Tom & Louise Boddie's Bounty label in 1966. Only one 45 was released for Bounty and that seems to be it for this group, although the UK Gospel Heritage label laid their hands on some previously unreleased 1958 recordings, most of which were featured on their 1987 compilation LP release called "Cleveland Gospel". Bill Spivery sang lead on the 1958/59 recordings but left the group in the early 1960's. Amon (Amos) Jones who was with the group since their early days, is the lead singer on the Bounty sides.

"Jobe" is good, uptempo tune that builds up to a repetitive and somewhat haunting climax.