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Famous Swindell Singers - Avant 081 (1959)

- If I Don't Have A Friend

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December 2014

The Famous Swindell Singers are better know as the Swindell Brothers. The B-side of this 45 lists them as the Famous Swindell Brothers (!). The Avant 45 features their first recordings and Archie Swindell is the lead singer on "If I Don't Have A Friend". He seems not to be present on the group's later recordings for Samaria, Savoy, Rae-Cox and Veep (with Rev. Johnnie Wilkerson) but he had a solo 45 in 1962 (for the obscure Bonanza label) and then re-surfaced in the 1970's with recordings for Neon, including an LP he did with Retha Smith. This performance is among Archie Swindell's best, a killer gospel tune!

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