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The Royal Silvertones - Wait On The Lord
(Regent LP 6112, 1962)

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February 2015

This month's download features a track from the album "Jesus, I Love Your Name" by the Royal Silvertones. The album was recorded during two sessions in 1962, and in the group were John Rice, Paige Stokes, Albert Hamlett, Joseph Stokes, Richard White and James Little. In March 1964 they recorded another 45 for Regent (they had two previous single releases, from the album, which appeared on Sharp and Regent), and that's all there is, so it seems, apart from some unissued material (from the same March 1964 session). A competent group though, as you can hear through this download, "Wait On The Lord". The complete album is available on CD-r and as an MP3 download (see CD-r page).