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Bullock Brothers - May The Lord Be With You
(Regent 217, 1963)

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December 2015

Here's an early track by the Bullock Brothers. In November 1962 the group recorded six tracks for Savoy, of which only one 45 was released on Savoy's Regent label, in 1963. A pretty strong release which makes you wonder why it took eight more years for the group to record again. In 1970 their recording career continued with an LP for the Silver Cross label. Several albums were released in the 1970's and 1980's, but I must admit that I'm not familiar with any of them. The line-up of the group in 1962 consisted of George Bullock, Robert Bullock, James Bullock, Walter Bullock Jr., Clifton Bullock and Richard Bullock.


PS - the download is back in zip-format.