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Brother Henderson's Spiritual Lambs - I Made Up My Mind & Pass Me Not
(R and B 1312, 1955)

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June 2016

This month's download features another rarity provided by Per Notini: R and B 1312 by Brother Henderson's Spiritual Lambs. Brother Henderson owned and ran the Proverb and Gospel Corner labels, for which he is probably best known. However, Henderson also had a secular career, recording as Duke Henderson (also as Studs Henderson and Big Duke) for labels such as Apollo, Down Beat, Capitol, Imperial, Specialty and Flair. These secular recordings were made between 1945 and 1953. The release of R and B 1312 marked a change in Henderson's life ("I am sick and tired of this sin and strife, I want to live a much better life"). It is his only documented gospel record, which came out a few years before he started the Proverb label in February 1959. An interesting piece of history!